Budding sites are brown

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  1. Hey whats up everybody i have an outdoor grow going and on a few of my plants only on parts of the plant the new budding sites are brown. Does anybody know what it could be. Its not the entire plant only parts of it and its on 3 different plants same strain. I have them in the ground and i have been feeding them once a week. They barely started to kick into flowering. Could it be mold? Its about 90-100 during day around 80 at night.. They probably going into their 2nd week of flower. Ivee been using general organics go box. Idk the ph run off. The pic posted was the best image i could get since the sites are so small. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. @calioutdoor
    Howzit - a tip of the hat to a fellow outdoor cali grower.
    From your pics it will hard to tell. I can't see any brown color or discernable damage.
    I have a few questions/guesses.
    First, what are the genetics? Is it a 'Gold' strain or some other colored variety?
    Secondly, are you spraying for catterpillars? If you have bud worms and they have been munching, the buds above where they've eaten will dry on the plant and appear to be a darker shade than the rest. Could easily look 'brown'.
    Finally, if you have some crazy high UV ratings and you're outdoor plant isn't watered well enough, the trichomes can get sunburned, which will give your plant an exagerrated amber hue...AKA brown lol. Best of luck

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  3. Yea ive been using Monterey BT. Spraying about once a week. I got them from a club its cheese gg4 cross. Its only on parts of my plant. Where as the other parts of my plant at the sites you could see the hairs actually forming. Never seen this before.

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  4. Bugs.

    Pics were bad, I don't see brown. However russet mites are microscopic and the first signs are browning pistils prematurely, nutrient deficiencies, leaf curl, ext ext. Get a scope, 60x or better. Check amazon for these, should be under 50$, more like 20$. Good luck.
  5. Ive checked with a 60x jewlers loop and nothing. Its right at the budding site where it should begin. There are no pistils. My other plants (different strains) are forming pistils w no prob. Ive never had so many problems in a grow and ive grown for about 5 years. So what else could it be? What could i spray for russet mites? Are u sure its not a sulfur deficiency? On some of the leaves the edges are brown moving inwards it turns a light green and the branches are woody. TIA!

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  6. Woody branches also sounds like broad mites. Or a virus.

    If it is sulfur, get some soluble gypsum and apply at a rate of 200g a yard.

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