Budding hight

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  1. Is their a specific something I should be looking for to go into budding or will a 12" plant do the trick?
  2. You should take into account plants will double or even tripple in hight during flowering.
  3. depends on your space...cannabis will grow 2-3 times the height it is from the time you start flowering to harvest. So back up the math....look at your areas ceiling and subtract out headroom for your light and space needed between light and plant. Measure or visualize the amount of space from that point to the soil line of your plant and divide by three.
    So if you have about three feet of "grow room" 12" plants are the biggest you want, if you have tall ceilings, veg longer.....less space.....shorter plant.
    Other methods are also used to help with head space like low stress training, or scrog. If you do try scrog remember all that vertical growth is now going horizontal. You have to drastically reduce the number of plants you grow with this method.
    Hope that helps.
  4. Thanks a lot man yea my 4 ft ceiling needs to bud now.
  5. Now my transition period should go for a few days right? How exactly so I make this happen?
  6. Transition period? Explain what you mean by that. I would transition my nutes slowly, but I just plan to switch lights straight from 18/6 to 12/12.
  7. Well I do the flora nute system and it finishes with a transition bloom and ripen feeding schedule. I am trying ti figure out how to do that schedule I run a 24 hr straight light red and blue then switching to a600 w hps I'm wondering exactly when and how to do the whole process.

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