Budding? Flower week 2 help pics

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  1. Help does this look right for day 8 of flower? Are the tops supposed to look like this? Is this how buds form? Ive only seen 2 tiny white hairs on like one branch. Im pretty sure theyre both female. Only letting me post one pic at a time got more tho. Help me please 20170429_190407.jpg

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  2. Yes. It takes most plants 7-10 days or so to transition from the veg cycle over to being in full blown flower. Those are the buds beginning to form all over your plant. Start counting your flowering weeks once you see good bud development all over your plant. The key to getting the most out of each plant you flower is giving each plenty of space to spread so light can penetrate the canopy of the plant and flower it under as much wattage of high quality flower lighting possible. More wattage gets you more weight at harvest. It's all about the light....very little about nutes unless you're doing a hydro setup. Always want to keep light and plant as close together during the flower cycle as possible...without risking light burn. With an indoor grow, it's all about light. Nutes are nothing more than plant food and do not need to be given until your plant actually has become hungry. Looking pretty good. TWW
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  3. Nice Job...
    Suggest you put a Scrog over those Bitches Fast, if it's not already too late!
    A scrog will help support the colas once they begin to form
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  4. They are currently lst but one of my plants need to be transplanted can i do that without harming the plant? Taking pics shortly. Thanks for the info @The Widow White

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