Buddies house got raided

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Satchel, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. While I was in the back yard...

    Well, the night before, a buddy and I picked up 2.g and smoked most of it before the next morning. Well, earlier today I was smoking with a couple of friends inside a buddy's house when we decide to go out back and smoke some cigarettes. After about 15 minutes of hangin out, high as shit, I hear this yelling. I look over to my right to see 2 cops running across the lawn screamin, "get the fuck on the ground!" ........ I am so fucking high at this point, I can't lift my arms. I guess they told me to put my hands up a few times ...... And I didn't... So they sprayed the shit out of my eyes, threw me on the floor and cuffed me. Ended up being let go with out any charges... Still fucked my day... And they took my last .25 g :(
  2. There are so many questions that raise in my head here.

    What did your friend do to have cops run in his house? And was it necessary for them to really spray your eyes? For all they know, you can be the visiting uncle from a third world country.

    I'm shocked to see how fucking harsh police are now.
  3. dude, the police are so harsh anymore, it's really sad but it isn't that surprising. all cops are supposed "heroes" and people look the other way when a victim of brutality says anything. pretty much, cops can and will do whatever the fuck they want to you because its their word vs yours and everyone knows that all cops are perfect citizens, right? [not]
    its sickening, makes me fucking pissed but really you cant do shit about it. ever.
    it's really become a power trip, the government wants us to pretty much think all the same and do the same shit. instead of someone actually being violent or out hurting and endangering other people, which should be their main priority.
    Why can my business be gotten into, when there are so many rapes, child abductions, murders, animal cruelty, abuse cases that arent over, and people have to deal with waiting for shitty detectives and police for it all.

    doesnt make sense but hah
    welcome to the good old usa... land of the free but only if you're a wholesome white guy who works as a big ceo of an oil company.
  4. damn dude , what state do you live in?
  5. was this dude growing, or did they jjst raid his home for 2 grams of weed?
    i'd file a complaint at the station man.. spraying you like that is fucked up.. sorry that happened to you :(
  6. Fuck Cop's -.-
  7. Not really.

    But man, I'd be pissed at your friend. Unless you knew he had some stuff in his house to cause a raid on the cops... he isn't a really nice friend, meh.

  8. Well, I can't I deserved to be sprayed like that...but shit, I guess my buddies and I were just 'people in the way'. I found out the other day that they were looking for someone in the house that was on parole. You live and learn....but advice to all major growers...go out shooting!
  9. On a warrant attempt... everyone is considered a threat until the entire scene is contained...


    They sprayed you... because you were non-compliant... period.

    If you're non-compliant... you're a threat to them... period.

    1st time shame on you... 2nd time shame on them... 3rd time you get a face-full of Capstun...

    At least it's better than getting tazed, sticked, or "jacked"...

    And, I'd have to agree with the others...

    What kinda shit is your Buddy" into that they have Johnny Law rolling heavy into their place like that?

    If they're doing some crooked shit... and still lets his friends hang around KNOWING something could go down... then, they're a friend I could do without...


    Wow! Not even going to touch that one...

    Glad everyone made it through the experience relatively unscathed...



    P.S. Remember, these guys (gals) want to go home to their families at the end of their work-day too... just sayin'...
  10. Its hard mustering sympathy for people who would shoot and kill women and children for a paycheck.Nazi concentration camp guards might have had families they wanted to return home to as well, but they were too busy turning someone elses family into air pollution at the time.

    Sorry, but fuck the "they're just doing their job" horseshit.
  11. Well said. +rep even tho it means jack squit
  12. You're bringing a bottle of Chateau Lafite in a frat party. Don't barge in with the "Reductio ad Hitlerum" and then compare it to something much insignificant.

  13. It makes it hard to like police when a sizable percentage are huge fucks.
  14. Sorry, but Godwin's Law does not apply to every topic, ever. For instance, I think its fitting comparing fascist, police state tactics to... fascist, police state tactics used by the Nazis.

    I'm comparing Apples to Apples, and its damned appropriate, and to claim otherwise is to stick your head in the sand.

    We are using machine guns and flash grenades on young mothers and infants over a harmless plant.

    Nixon started a "war" using paramilitary tactics (SWAT Teams, Black Helicopters, massive Pre-Fabricated Prisons built by the tens of dozens) on a political enemy, much like Hitler used paramilitary tactics (SS kicking in doors, Cattle Trains full of Jews, massive concentration camps) on his designated political fallguy.

    How is that such an inappropriate comparison? Screw off.
  15. haha exactly
  16. Oh man, somebody cracked the seal on pandora's box..
  17. Win.

    I've been in the same situation, although in my case a friends parent called in the narcs becuase she thought we were involved in some shit. None of us got sprayed though.
  18. This thread is from last august lol

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