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"Buddha kush"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by k3s, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Well i got a connect who got some "Buddha kush" never heard of it nor can find info on it. So i was wondering has anyone ever smoked it? Sativa, indica etc.. How is it etc..?
  2. its heavy indica, 100% i think and its a medical merijauna strain.otherwise you'd just have to ask your dealers but try not to get fooled

    edit: how it is? make you laugh at nothing and stuck in your seat, great tasting better smelling.
  3. I havent picked it up yet, but he told me he had some and "Og". But i want to be informed about it before i go just in case. But i trust him. Dam almost 100% indica? Yeah ill be stuck to my seat, tasty is always good!
  4. I remember it being very dank. I got my stash of Buddha Kush from a friend that got his stash from the dispensary. Get it! I'm pretty sure you'll like it.
    I wrote a thread about Buddha Kush.. here is the link!

  5. That looks really good. haha potent it seems i just hope i don't take one too many rips that sets me over.
  6. Buddha Kush is amazing imo. I picked up a quater bag of Buddha Kush and hemp star x kush strain and they both blew my mind. Im pretty lucky guy moved down the hall who has some top shelf genetics. It's crystal formation looks like fur on the bud, I also never heard of it and thought he meant it was bubba kush til i seen it. The smell isnt the strongest but it has a very high THC%. This may be a little late but seen the post and i got a bag of it right now, so thought it share my thoughts.

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