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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Shouse1018, May 24, 2006.

  1. Was wonderin if anybody on GC has heard about this new MJ extract called

    Budder? It's 99% pure THC, the most potent extraction you can get.
  2. ummm i remember a kid got some from a medical card or some shit..hang on
  3. Budder isnt new silly.

    They've had that shit up in BC for years. Those bastards. Do a search for Budder and i bet you find some shit

    --EDIT-- well i guess he beat me to it lol
  4. Definately new to me! :smoking:

    That budder looks and sounds like it would be soooooooooo goood.

    i wonder what kind of extraction method he used?
  5. If its 99 percent THC, I wonder if it would fuck up your tolerance hardcore? I think some hash is like 20 pecent THC nd even that will bring your tolerance up to another level.
  6. Ya man Budder is the absolute shit, a guy i know ordered some off of a mail order site from B.C. and that shit will knock your socks off.
  7. haha diamond
  8. hmm.. bc.. adam.. bc .. adam.. bc ... adam...................... WHAT ONE?
  9. ^^what the FUCK are you talkin about? lol
  10. fo real what the hell?
  11. i think he is trying to choose between british columbia and amsterdam, or he likes a guy named adam in british columbia.
  12. Budder is good stuff but I personally don't like it "as" much because I just love smoking bud. As bud, and not as an extract. If you can get a good deal on budder... get it.
  13. Man that budder stuff looks like someone scraped off a lake rock. Must be some intense shit.
  14. it does kinda look like pond scum.
  15. yeh it kinda does mess with your tolerance
  16. Looks like a sick baby's diaper to me. You just smoke it normaly or do you do something special with it?
  17. You hot knife it...
  18. amsterdam or B.C.

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