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Budder Pikckup : 1.5 Grams

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by wunschshrek, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. price on this was 140.00$, for anyone who don't know budder is the purest form of THC known to man at this time.


    It looks a lot more liquidity because of the weather and is still in the packaging.
  2. what are you trying to do? make us all nut our pants?

    jk man.

    id love to try budder, but im not stressin it. nice pickup dude, 2nd thread of yours today ive commented in.

    woah, 140 for 1.5. i damn well know if its good then its worth it, but i dont know if i could possibly hand over 140 for a gram point five.

    im not doggin, im actually trying to see how long it would last... alot of people say it would last longer than the price in buds, but for me.. if its quality

    i tend to smoke it FASTER. if i had a half of funk, or 2 zones of high mids, id end up smoking the half of funk in a matter of hours, maybe 2 days.

    [edit] Hell if i had a half of funk, and a half of beasters id smoke the funk so much fucking faster.
  3. lol second thread by you bliz-nati posted first, and second thread that made me want weed even more today :(
  4. mmmmm dericious and I mean deRicious.

    that shit looks so good.
  5. Yeah its expensive as fuck, to make about 3 grams of it (give or take a point) you need an ounce of primo bud, so its basically like getting a half ounce of primo bud for 140.

    As to how long it lasts, It's hard to say for me because I never smoke all the budder in a row, ill smoke it once a day every 2 days, or so.

    But my little brother, I gave him a .5, and he smokes about a quarter of bud a week, and it lasted him 6 days (smoking nothing but that)

    The high is very unique though, the head rush of a hit is like "WHOOOOOOSH!!!"
  6. I could never pay $140 for that kind of quantity, not because it isn't worth the money for all the THC, but because I'd do something stupid like drop it or something and end up with $140 smeared into my carpet.
  7. ....I never thought I would see Budder in NYC. Wow. Nice.
  8. :drool:

    Goddamn man. I am so jealous of you right now.

    I'd drop 140 in a heartbeat for that.

    How are you smoking it?
  9. How do you smoke it? I've bever heard of it before.
  10. Well you can hot knife it / vape it, but I got this ill little glass piece for smoking hash oil / budder. Check out this beast :



    What you do is - use a torch light / portable bunsen burner.

    You see the metal slab, you heat that up with the torch till it is red hot, then swing it to underneath the glass, and use a stainless steel pick, to dab on a piece of oil / budder and inhale.

  11. That's one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Did you make that or buy it?
  12. I bought it, this girlfriend / boyfriend duo from another forum makes them. I got it for 110 with shipping.
  13. I think it's brother/sister duo not boyfriend girlfriend.

    Nice HMK oil vape though, those are one of a kind...and supposedly one of the best ways to consume oil known.

    Enjoy that thing and the budder.
  14. Tasty lookin' man
  15. Ahh woops, brother / sister my bad ;) That's a pretty cool hobby to have with a sibling, def. a way to bond, if my sister smoked I bet we would hang out more.
  16. dam wuns, sick looking budder. Quite the feria but i know its well worth it. Im digging that HMK vape too, man i would <3 to rip that shit pha sho
  17. I'm with some of these other guys, I don't think I could ever pay that much for so little.
  18. Well yeah it seems like a little, but you use very little. A .1 is a niiiice hit, I normally smoke a .05 and im ripped off budder.

    It's really a one hit shit
  19. damn plus rep man, that's awesome, how long does the high last?

    HuskyToker- + rep for Keller fanage as well
  20. About 2 hours for me, but I am heavy and have a semi-high tolerance, my friends little brother was high for like 4 hours, he weighs about 120 pounds and not as high as a tolerance as me.

    Thanks for the rep dog ;)

    edit : btw anyone like my new avatar? It's a mad scientist.

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