Buddah's back for a third time!

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  1. Hey Gc wats up.

    Yes I'm back for a third time and this grow is gonna double the size of my last two with 6 plants, a bigger room and setup and will be very much more technical and self reliant :)

    Ok so from the pictures you can see the 3 small sprouts that germed 2 days ago and are quickly making there way to the grow room.

    The large plant is a clone from the last blue cheese grow which will be clones again just before flower for another grow.

    And the two smaller ones inside the homemade humidity dome ( tested and works 100%) are also clones from the larger blue cheese plant that I took last night and will hopefully be rooted in the next 7 days.

    Ok so here's the stats,

    The room is 1m x 1m x 1.8m
    Strains - blue cheese + clones and sprouts are Black sugar rose.
    Lights. - 600w hps dual spec bulb with dutch pro reflector
    Soil. - Bio bizz all mix
    Inline fan 5 inch with two small 4 inch for exhaust plus an oscillating fan for air movement.

    Any other questions please just ask as I normally always forget something lol.

    Just to let the admin know this Is not my journal this will just be an update once maybe every week for those that are interested an will make a new thread in journals when ready to go through flower.

    Ahh I new I forgot something,,, the nutes I am using on the blue cheese and will be using on the others when ready are alaska fish fert and will be using advanced nutes sensi bloom for flower plus I will also be using mollasses and maybe bud candy :)

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  2. Anothe quick update on the new grow.

    Clones are doing well so far, the 3 seedlings are about to pop the 2nd set of leaves so will be put under hps as soon as they grow through fully and the mother plant is filling out nicely and is without needing to top or fim because she was originally a clone she has 3 or 4 tops growing with a lot of bushiness coming through aswell. Next update will probably be when I have to repot the seedlings but maybe before if I get bored :smoke:

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  3. Nice man, your seedlings are way bigger then mine in less time, not by much but im seriously jealous! lol

    Is this the same strain you've grown before or new? Will be watching your progress, good luck!
  4. Looking good my friend keep us posted!
  5. Thanks for lookin in guys, ninjafoo I'm definatly subbed to yours and arahant the 3 seedling are a new strain I'm growing, a friend grew it before an its a high yileder also turns reddish blue when finished so I can't wait to see the outcome. The other 3 are the mother plant and two clones from it which are blue cheese a very good grow and hardy plant :)
  6. Ok I have a pic update but for some reason I haven't been able to use the mobile uploader so watch this space.

    Clones have now taken root, few more days an they go in the grow room, also the seedling are now in the growroom under hps and doing well :)
  7. Finally an update with pictures :D

    As you can see the 3 sugar roses are taking off really well being under hps they are loving the tlc,

    The mother plant got a makeover, repotted for more room and trimmed around the inside and bottom to strip away all the excess bushiness that got no light and she is thriving on alaska fish fertz at 1 1/2 strength....

    Then the two clones as you can clearly see are using up all its own resources to make root and grow, the leaves are going a little offish green showing that the nutrient uptake is taking place and they are to go under the hps hopefully by the end of the week.

    Just a few more weeks and then I will be placing them under a screen as I have decided that the way to go is to scrog the lot together.

    I made a little adjustment to the room an they now are in temps of 27-28 instead of 30+ which in time will do them a lot of good also have a better intake of cool fresh air for renewed co2.

    Today is a good day :smoke:

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    Ok so here's the small scrog screen I built, I used some wood I had laying about, measured it to the space an fixed it together.
    Then I got some petrol strimmer wire and began to fix it to the frame, notice that I measured separately 2 inches where I want the wire to connect to the frame to make 2 inch sq holes for the plants to fit nicely through.
    Its pretty durable and will do for what I want as I only want one of the plants under this small screen and the other 3 will be lst'd to fit the remaining space and grow to the same height as the adjacent screen.
    This in turn gives the smaller plants a week or two to grow and fill out while the blue cheese grows to fit the screen.

    Its gonna be alotta work from here but I love it hands on :)

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  9. Here it is with the creen up, can't wait to watch it fill out :D

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  10. Buddah 'checked in' at the pub! No one is home to switch my lights off !!!
  11. Yeah people don't get interested until flowering. Good luck tho
  12. Yeah I know I was just rantin as I kinda had a bad day yesterday... Onwards and upwards !
  13. Hey whats up... I would have recommend at least a 1.5x1.5 screen for that plant. The way SCROGs work is you train under the screen in veg and when it's about 50-60% full you switch to flower. The first few weeks of flower she stretches like crazy and you continue to fill out the remainder of the screen once full you let the tops grow up and those become your buds.. The only problem I see with yours is that your plants already as big as your screen.

    So essentially you'll just be letting it grow through the screen the whole time??
  14. Here's a few pics of the new screen, I have been lst'ing the blue cheese to give it a while longer before I start spreading it across the screen, this is just so I have more time on my hands for the others to catch up and get a little bigger. Still to decide what to do about room, I have 5 other plants as you can see and only a foot and a half by foot and a half space left, do I sog the rest? What's the outcome on sog, is it worth it yield wise?

    Any help would be appreciated thanks :)

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  15. Hey dude, thanks for the info, I will be letting the plant grow up into the screen for around two - three weeks to hopefully fill most of it up, and I also just measure it and it is bigger than I first said, its actually 19 inches by 17 inches.

    Do you still think this might work? If not then I can always move the plant out keep lst'ing it and put the other 2-3 sugar rose under as they are only roughly 12 days old?
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    [quote name='"buddahaze1"']

    Hey dude, thanks for the info, I will be letting the plant grow up into the screen for around two - three weeks to hopefully fill most of it up, and I also just measure it and it is bigger than I first said, its actually 19 inches by 17 inches.

    Do you still think this might work? If not then I can always move the plant out keep lst'ing it and put the other 2-3 sugar rose under as they are only roughly 12 days old?[/quote]

    Yeah I see what your saying but I dont know if it will work out like that.. I understand letting it grow up to the screen but when you start flowering you won't have anywhere to train the tops as she stretches.. You normally train them under the screen for the first few weeks of flowering and as it is when you get up to the screen your already out of room... If you want you can just skim through the first part of my journal to see how my plant filled the screen.. You don't have to read just skip and see the pics.

    Edit: nicely built screen I just don't think it's big enough!
  17. Sure man, I have skimmed a lot of scrog grows and found your to be the best I found.

    The reason I asked is because something didn't seem right with what I was doing but I wasn't sure as this will be my 1st.

    I'm now thinking that I should move her out and keep her lst to fit the other space in the room and maybe try and fully scrog two of the 3 small plants you can see in my pics underneath the way you have done with yours.

    I'm gonna read through yours now and try get a hold on what I'm actually doing. Thanks a lot man, u may have just saved me a lot of time and stress lol :)
  18. Cool glad I could help I would let you roll with it but I think if you LST it would nearly turn out the same with that size screen.. maybe better with just LST..

    I have seen a lot of people unhappy (including me) lately doing a scrog with soil.. I switched to a DWC and it was the best decision I've made growing.. Second best was getting quality seeds from a seedbank.
  19. Thanks for the imput dude, I have a good supplier of quality genetic clones so seeds aren't really my thing, the 3 sugar rose I got are from a friend which is the only reason I have seedlings.

    I really want to dwc for my nexy grow which is going to be funded end of this grow but even so it will be new to me so I will again be a noob lol.

    What reasons do u give for not being a soil lover when it comes to scrog? I did read that soil has unwanted pests an also mold issues but I have my room dialed in so pests aren't a problem nor is mold, I do however know that hydro is a lot quicker.

    Just to make sure I have it right, once my plant starts to reach the screen being how big she already is, it is a waste of time training her around it then to make an even canopy.

    I will probably just do like you said and drop the others underneath to grow into it as they are from seed where as the blue cheese was a clone so it bushed and branched like crazy instead of growing vertically.
  20. I think what you should do is just LST and perhaps lollipop all of the plants you got going right now... Start on your next grow in a DWC and make a screen the entire size of your grow area with one plant in it.

    Yes your right on the things you've said, pests and what not... However, don't be certain that your grow can't get pests... hydro can still get them but they won't be in your soil. I haven't gotten any though and I did from the soil. I also thought the clones I were getting were high quality and they're not even close to what I've seen from the seeds.

    The DWC will cost you about $40 and will include everything you need for that..

    Like you also said the growth is incomparable to soil.. I filled my 6 sq/ft screen in 30 days at 10" above the netpot lid.. It's so much easier then soil too. The only thing you need to have under control before you begin is temps. If they're above 82F then your going to have problems keeping res temps down and pH/PPM stable. Compare that to my WW soil SCROG it took 3 weeks to fill a 2 sq/ft screen with two clones with the screen set 7" above the pot.. Not to mention sometimes they'll finish flowering quicker and your yield can be doubled/tripled.

    The biggest problem I'm seeing with most soil SCROGs is that they're not getting ANY stretch during the flowering period... That makes it so you can't fill the remainder of your screen and when it's time to let the tops grow up through the screen they don't! Instead they end up with 1-3" buds above the screen instead of 8"+ buds depending on your light.

    With the hydro you don't have to worry about over/under watering, what your soil pH is, sitting there flushing water at the end, soil pests, mixing shit teas, etc etc.. Like I said it was the best investment i've made (cheap one at that).

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