Budbaron's LSD, Red Diesel & TrainWreck Grow ATTEMPT 2

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    So after my previous disaster
    Budbaron's LSD, Red Diesel & TrainWreck Gone Wrong
    also see previous successful grow
    Nirvana - Northern Lights.
    I am back with the same strain line up plus a couple of extra strains courtesy of Deano110.

    As the title tells you i'm growing:

    1. Barney's Farm - LSD Feminised
    2. Barney's Farm - Red Diesel Feminised
    3. Green House - TrainWreck Feminised
    4. Skunkmeister - Jackanory Standard Mixed seeds (Jack Herer x Aurora Indica)
    5. Skunkmeister - Valhalla Jack Standard Mixed seeds (Viking x Jack Herer)

    Garden Setup:

    My Garden, which is a cupboard, is:- 3.8ft long, 2.1ft in wide and 8.5 ft Height
    The total floor area is:- 7.98ft2
    Light Setup:- (Vegetative Growth 1) 4 x MH 70w + 5 18w CFL's
    (Vegetative Growth 2) 400w MH + 5 18w CFL'2
    (Flowering) 400w HPS + 400w MH + 5 18w CFL's
    Growing Medium:- Levington Multi purpose with added john innis.
    Perlite (30% of total medium)
    Fertilisers Bought:- (Vegetative Growth) Chempak High N Feed (No. 2)
    (Flowering) Chempak Low N Feed (NO.8)
    Epson Salts.

    Tomorrow will be day one. i will start germination then.

  2. Good luck dude
  3. Sorry to hear about the results of the first attempt, but no matter! I'll just pull up a chair for this one. Good luck, and since you learned from the last one, I'm sure you'll make this one a winner :smoking:
  4. Budbaron's back in effect!! welcome back bro. you know I'm in for this ride... you should stop by my posting and check out my Trainwreck if you have time. she just had her 2 week "bday" lol, yesterday.

    Happy Growin
    The Phantom
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    Day 1 9th June 2009 Germination

    So i am sticking with the method i used last time to germinate the seeds; seems to get me high germ rates and usually very fast. i have just placed them into bottles with water. i will remove the seeds from this in the morning. i will then place the seeds in labeled baggies with tissue and water.

    i took a couple of pics for you'll


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  6. good luck Bud

    Happy Growin
    The Phantom
  7. subscribing for luck
  8. Day 2 10th June 2009 Germination

    so after the seeds soaked in the bottles for 16 hours i have removed them and placed them in the baggies, as described yesterday. One of the Valhalla Jack's has germinated; the only seed to pop up till now. i have placed the baggies in my boiler cupboard which is warm and dark. i will check every 12 hours and will pot the germinated seeds when ready. this should be tomorrow.

    Of all the seeds two Valhalla Jacks floated after the 16 hour period in the bottle. all other seeds had sunk by this time; wonder if they will germ?

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  9. Day 2 10th June 2009 Germination

    Just another little update. its been about 10 hours since my last check of the seeds.
    a few more have popped.

    4 of the Valhalla Jacks have germinated. Red Diesel also popped along with 1 of the Jackanorys. so a total of 6 have germed. potting will definately be tomorrow.:hello:

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    Congrats on the success Mr. Baron!
  11. Good Luck BudBaron, I'm sure everything will go swimmingly this time around!:hello: I use similar germ method with the plastic baggies and wet towel, works like a charm.;) Read through your other journals and I'm definitely going to subscribe to this!

    Peace :smoking:
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    Day 3 11th June 2009 Germination

    so at exactally 24 hours after i put the seeds in the baggies all but one germinated. i have disposed of this as i didn't even have enough pots. short-sighted half whit. anyway. i have potted the remaining germinated seeds (11 - LSD, Red Diesel, TrainWreck, 4x Valhalla Jack's & 4x Jackanory's).

    i'm really hoping that i ain't going to have the issue i had last time. shouldn't though as i have moved back to a tried and tested soil. (Westland Multi Purpose)

    Valhalla Jacks and Jacanorys will be numbered from 1-4 in the order in which they break through the surface of thir respective mediums. Thats just information for continuety really.

    Here a a few pics i just took for you'll. hopefully we will have some healthy seedlings in a few days.

    Peace Budbaron.

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  13. Good luck dude, It will be great to see another LSD grow out there as my own comes to an end.
  14. Day 3 11th June 2009 Germination

    Usual - its been nice to see your LSD's. long old jornal but man it good. keep tuned; hopefully i can attain close to the same results you have with her (LSD). Barneys special lol.

    just another micro update. i had a comment about the lights on another site so i added the 400w MH instead of the 4 x 70w CMH's i had toiled with the idea of. here are a couple of pics of the garden now.


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  15. MAZEL TOV! :yay:

    let the games begin!

    Happy growin
    The Phantom

    Hey bud... 6 plants huh... you know if you need any help in 4/5 months with smokin... I might be ableto lend a lung.... or 2! hahaha
  16. its not like it sounds i dont think. i have 5 different strains and 11 seedlings. eight of the seeds are standard M/F (the Jackanorys and Valhalla Jacks). i want to grow a maximum of 4 to bud and keep some cuttings. i may only grow 2 or 3 to bud and keep cuttings.

    I think i will need help to be honest. if i get a yield per plant like i did last time i will have loads of it. coming out of my ears. for a day or two.

    Just like last time. lol
  17. Day 4 12th June 2009 Germination

    so nothing much has changed. one Jackanory, now jackanory 1, made it to the surface (which can be seen in pic 1). also a piece of the stem of a Valhalla Jack was showing. i will not be numbering her yet as she has still a distance to go (very difficult to see but is visible in pic 2).

    Enjoy! Budbaron

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  18. GULP! Clears Throat... HOLLA MAN!!! hahahha

    Happy Growin
    The Phantom
  19. Day 5 13th June 2009 Germination

    So here are the scores today.
    LSD - has still to make it to the surface.
    Red Diesel - Has broken through (see pic 1)
    TrainWreck - Has broken through the surface (see pic 2)
    Jackanorys - All four have made it to the surface; they have been numbered to. (see pics 3-6)
    Valhalla Jacks - Two have made it to the surface; and were numbered respectively. (see pics 7 & 8)

    other than this not much to say; here are the pictures.

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  20. And so it begins, Come on you lazy LSD!

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