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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by foxylady, Jun 12, 2002.

  1. Hi all...
    My name is Krisi, I'm new, I live in east bumble f**k... which is good for growing mary jane... I have a really bad case of insomnia and would like someone to talk to about bud and i'd like some tips as well so whatever do your thing hopefully I'll talk to someoe soon
    Miss Foxy
  2. Hello Krisi and welcome to the city of grass! There are alot of good people totalk to around here. If you have any questiond just post them and you'll get some replies!

    Enjoy the city!
  3. High, and welcome to the CITY! :D :wave:

    Meet a Hell of a nice guy,.........Bud Head!!!!!

    And the great news is, This site has more cool people then ANY on the web!! :hello: :D
  4. Hiya Krisi!

    Welcome to the City! [​IMG] Make yourself at home, and enjoy the friendliness of the Blades and Bladies here. We have some of the nicest people around here at grasscity! [​IMG]

  5. Welcome to the grass city.....I also have we got sumthin in common there...THis is the BEST site on net hands down...Hope you have a great stay at the city..

    peace bladez
  6. what's up krisi? you will find people on this site that are from all walks of live, and definitly some of the coolest people out there. reguarding your insomnia, i have crazy problems sleeping as well. so if you have any questions about that shoot me one and i'll definitly reply. peace.


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