Bud worms/catapillars

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  1. I'm located in northern Ca, this will be my 4 year of growing outdoors, how do I prevent ,detour or kill these catapillars, At the end of the season they destroy my buds and poop all over!! Help!:weed:
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    I think the only thing is to spray your plants every week. Maybe 2X a week.

    I hav not gotten that far but I am too worried of bugs, I have been using captain jacks dead bug and have had no issues yet.

    I think I will up my game to neem oil and insect soap too.

    Also a bug zapper mine covers 1 acre, hang sticky traps in your plants, put traps on the soil.

    I'm going to do everything possible to kill every god dam bug I see
  3. Is captain Jacks non toxic?
  4. Yes.
    Bonide is the brand
    I believe all their products are organic

    Garden Naturals

    Their products are sold at about every garden center
  5. Run a bug zapper to help limit the number of moths and spray BT every week in flower without fail..
    I keep the Captain Jack in reserve for spider mites and thrips.

    Sold under a dozen brands it's all the same stuff BT-k
    It's a very narrow range selective agent that really is only effective in the gut of caterpillars..
    The first one is the one I use as it's the one my local Armstrong's garden center stocks..
    Minimum mix ratio and apply weekly.. I start spraying a week into flower and keep it on right up to the last week..
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  6. Stay away from the poison if you can the easy way is to use Trichogramma parasitic wasp they lay eggs in the moth eggs so they don't hatch into caterpillars. The moths fly at night and a black light bug zapper helps too but cya and use the wasps too. You can get them online at greenmethods.com, when you call them tell them what you need the wasp for and they will send the right ones. Start releasing them when the plants start to flower. They have bugs for all kinds of pests, let the bugs do their thing.
  7. Wasps? Are you crazy ?

    Yes that's what I want a bunch of wasps guarding my plants haha
  8. Thank you, I have captain Jack but I'll try one bonine Thuricide. They a varatious eaters, tks again
  9. No I'm not crazy. These wasp are very very tiny they don't bite they are natural predators that lay eggs in the bud worm eggs that are also very tiny and are layed by a moth. Do some research before you call someone crazy.
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