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Bud with Cobwebs?? HELP

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BudRUs, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Hey guys one of my friends gave me a little bit of bud, like a nug. It was about a skinny joints worth of weed. He wanted me to try it. So I busted it out, and as soon as i tore it apart it had cloth like things coming out. Like a spidersweb, ya know? I didn't smoke it, instead i smoked some fire in my bowl. But I've heard of these web like things before, but never seen them. Also it was kinda sticky, (it stuck to my other weed)
  2. Maybe whoever grew it had a spider mite problem? Idk man.
  3. Perhaps it was a spray that dried up? Either way, you know what to do. Cut off the connect.
  4. yeah im just worried, its kinda scary.
  5. and now, we see how spiderman truely acquired his powers.
  6. I saw a picture here at GC of the stuff spidermites leave and it looks like spiderwebs. I dunno if you should smoke it or what. Maybe someone will come on and say, but I would smoke it.

  7. Man honestly that's not enough pot in my opinion to warrant hanging on to when it could be something like spidermites. If its just a little bit chunk that shit and go get you some good bud without shit like that in it.

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