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Bud V Alcohol.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Maximillien127, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. The police just came round to speak to me about getting caught the other day. After my dad speaked to me about it and he said, and I quote: "I would rather you drink than smoke cannabis". Even though he smokes weed, tobacco and drinks.

    This unleashed me with all the quotes about how much worse bud is than alcohol.

    What is your view on alcohol in comparison to smoking some sweet cheeba?
  2. Ganja is number 1 man.
  3. they both have their place. sometimes a cold beer is much more desirable on a hot day than smoking a joint is
  4. well, if you're getting in trouble with the law for being in possession of weed, alcohol might be better.

    But that's only in the viewpoint that cannabis is illegal.

  5. To be honest, I wasn't done for possession. Just some paraphernalia, I don't really understand why they wanted to talk to me. I do follow laws but I don't let my life be ran by them. I let morals run my life and my morals say that smoking a bit of weed is great.
  6. id pick smoking any day over drinking.
  7. It really depends on a bunch of different factors, 1. Personal preference (some people like smoking more than drinking, and some people like drinking more than smoking 2. Mindset your in 3. How old you are 4. Who you're with 5. I can keep going on lol
  8. I have never loved the way alcohol made me feel, and once I started smoking/vaping, I knew I was done drinking.
  9. Well since this website is dedicated to smoking weed I feel like alcohol is going to get more votes...
  10. well one is illegal one isnt, i can see his point of view
  11. Alcohol kills, weed doesn't. Alcohol causes unnecessary violence FREQUENTLY. 3 times out of the last 5 times i've been out drinking i've been fronted up by someone off their face, and to be honest, i literally cannot remember the time i was EVER remotely angry when stoned. I think i read the question wrong as well so this is irrelevant, well, it's sort of relevant. I'm high as fuck, shit

  12. yes but the legal one still causes thousands of deaths each year. the illegal one just makes everything awesome
  13. Yeah it might do all that, but some people just enjoy the feeling of it more. Its really personal preference. Its like comparing tv, and cookies there different things... Comparing two different strains is 1 thing, but comparing two different things is another
  14. You can drive high, not drunk.
    You dont get hangovers from weed.
    Weed is defiantly better than dealing with cans/handles.
  15. They're both awesome so lets stop caring which ones better and use both to get fucked up!
  16. except once that beer is digested you feel like shit on a hot day so stick to the bud
  17. What answer did you expect asking this on a cannabis forum? :p
  18. if thats all you drink yes. follow it up with a peach tea snapple or something else delicious. just gotta stay hydrated
  19. #19 KillaWillaBilla, Mar 11, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 11, 2012
    so drink a beer and drink a snapple so you dont feel the side effects of the beer. why drink the beer? it seems better to just enjoy a snapple with cotton mouth rather than drinking 12oz of beer with 16oz of snapple to avoid a head ache and feeling tired and drained. its cool if you want a beer though lol i just think alcohol is a waste of time (used to drink a shit ton and learned the hard way what liquor is really about)
  20. no i mean the feeling of nastyness, headaches and such, that alcohol causes is mostly due to dehydration. drinking other liquids along with your alcohol eliminates these problems

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