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Bud to Oil Ratio. *Reclaimed*

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by BlaiseeeBHO, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Hello guys n gals I'm new here so bear with me. Wish i could share the pics but they're on my iPhone n too lazy to transfer them over lol
    Yesterday I made some BHO with about a lb of trim/stem. Yeild blowed but i do have to say it was pretty potent. Was doing some research n saw people made oil with the reclaimed bud from BHO runs so decided to give it a try today. I had two mason jars (approximately a half pound total) packed them moderately tight with reclaim and filled to the brim with water. Now i was trying to research to find out if i need to decarb the reclaim but found nothing soooooo I only decarbed one lol. I used about 17fl oz of olive oil/vegetable oil mixture ******I know coconut oil is best but I'm working with what was in the kitchen*******  I used the crockpot method but instead of throwing the weed in there with the oil/water I left them in the mason jars with a filter on the cap. Let it do its thing for 10 hours n bout 20 min ago i put some in two pill capsules to see how potent it is. 
    Now the reclaim... was it right that i used a half pound for the oil? I was thinking it was a lot but id like feedback on what would some of ya'll have done? Should i expect some potent oil or was it a big waste of time? If these capsules don't do the trick i may have to reheat the oil and mix in some wax to make it more potent. ima let ya'll know if this shit smacks me hard tonight but id like feedback for this is my first time doing everything i posted above. 

  2. I think you're a little confused with the terminology. Are you saying you used the weed that you ran butane through to make the caps? That's not very safe to ingest, hopefully you haven't.
    When people are referring to cooking with reclaim...they mean the shit that builds up in you oil smoking rig. It comes in handy for cooking since it is already decarbed.

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