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Bud that smells like Windex (Ammonia)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Cherrygarcia187, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. ok, this is the first time ive encountered this and im having some doubts on whether i should smoke this or not.

    picked up an OZ for 25 bucks, and said fuck it, whats the harm, only 25 bucks

    Little did i know that when i finally got home and better examined it (i examined it and it looked somewhat decent when i got it, so don't flame me too hard) that it smelled a good amount of ammonia.

    from what ive read, the ammonia smell can come from when the bud is packed tightly and its still somewhat wet, so i dont know if i should let it dry some more or just not smoke it at all.

    its definately mexican brick schwag, but its pretty dry down here so i was desperate. smoke it or not to smoke it?
  2. Don't smoke it, that smell is an indicator of mold.
  3. Some sketch dealer could of weighted that shit down with windex... I don't know why you would want to do that..
  4. I would let dry first. The more its dried and cured, the better taste and aroma it will be.
  5. well, ive looked it over pretty well and i didnt find any mold, so could i still save it and dry it out?
  6. but then it smell like windex. I never experience that before, I wouldn't smoke if I were you. Next time examine before you hand your money to that dude. But since there's no mold, you should dry it and let it cure.
  7. dude i dont want to be a dick... but an ounce for 25 bucks?! what do you expect :confused_2:
  8. When a dealer sells an ounce for 25 dollars. You know its gonna be gross as hell and most likely not even weed. I wouldnt even expect schwagg at that price. Sorry bro
  9. yea, but its pretty dry down here so i was desperate, ill just flush it and pretend like i saved a poor guy's soul. hopefully some GOOD shit comes down this weekend. FUCK i'm pretty sad, i need a bowl now, but since theres nothing, im pissed
  10. ive smoked some cat piss before, which is a very legit strain. and it had a strong smell like you described. but cause its some nasty shawg i doubt it.

    i would first let it dry out super dry, then re hydrate it but playing in a mason jar or Tupperware with a sheet of slightly damp paper towel. that should sort of re-cure it, could make it alot better.
  11. Sounds to me like you picked up some shit laced with PCP. PCP smells a lot like ammonia. My friend said he's gotten ounces near that price of the laced stuff
  12. Please don't perpetuate this BS. Marijuana is rarely laced as the dealers make more money by selling the straight, say, PCP instead of selling an ounce of PCP laced marijuana for $25. :rolleyes:
  13. Dont


    smoke it!!!
  14. i called him asking him to give me my money back because ive known him for like 5-6 years, not close friend, but pretty good and he said he had already spent it and was really sorry. a couple of minutes he calls back saying how hes sorry about earlier and that hes letting me give him back this oz, and giving me an oz of "Popcorn" (whatever the fuck that is.., ive never heard of this) for 35 the oz.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me TWICE, shame on me. anyone else smelling this guy's bullshit?
  15. Aka laced with yay!
  16. Yo, si advice go to your look smoke shop, get some tasty tobacco drops, but its still pretty sad to smoke brick weed... Cooking its great for, smoking, just be ready!
  17. i got this from another website, is this true?

    Popcorn is High-mid bud. It's not as good as Dro or Kush.
    It smells, taste, and smokes alot better than Reggie.
    It's typically found around North Texas.
    It literally crumbles under your fingers and a nug' breaks down into alot (Popcorn).
    It goes for Reggie prices but a dime is 2-3 grams instead of 3-4 grams.

    Warning, some may try to sell you Popcorn (Corn) at Dro prices.
  18. no one is goinga bother wasting money to lace your weed with cocaine or pcp
  19. Tell him to give you the ounce of "Popcorn" for the shitty schwag, Windex weed he sold you before.

    Or break his nose.
  20. popcorn just means that it should be nice, decent sized 3d nugs, rather than some flat ass compressed stuff and shake

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