Bud that doesn't smell exactly like bud?

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    Well, I've been toking for about 5 years. Suffice to say I know a good amount about the ganja. I've seen all different strains, types, buds from different places. There's no need to tell me I got jacked or that I'm smoking shwag, I'm not an idiot. This one smells different from any bud I've ever had.

    It looks dank, smokes great, gets me ripped, but has a weird smell I cant exactly describe to it. Like no bud I've smelled before lol. Sort of like a sweet lemon-ish type of smell to it, and almost like a tea or something but it has that snap to it when it hits your nose. It's CRAZY!

    Ever have any bud that smells nothing like the usual?
  2. yea man i hear you. some bud just freaks your nostrils out huh, for me Cheese smells just like freshly cut parmesan its crazy dank too, even tasted sorta sharp too. And the Purp is always a favorite to taste and smell, thats one reason i love weed there is so many different smells and tastes its ridiculous sometimes to stop and think about.
  3. Depending upon the genetics and how it was cured you'd be surprised how many 'weird' smells and flavors you can get from cannabis. Thirty years here and I still get surprised once in awhile.
  4. Yeah, I mean theres the universal smell of cannabis, but I think if a cop or someone who was inexperienced smelled this without seeing it they might be a bit confused. It hes such a pure earthy herbal lemony scent to it. It hits me in the head like a quick snap when I smell it. It's one of the better smokes I've had in a while.
  5. id go and see if i could get me another Zip of the same stuff man cause it sounds pretty dank to me, Have fun toking it up :).
  6. Sounds like lemon skunk or a derivative thereof.
  7. I've gotten weed that smelled like lemon pine-sol and shit before... Smoked great :devious::smoke:.
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    I was supposed to get 3.0g for 50.. which is good for my area... The normal. Well, he kept me driving around for 30 minutes, and ended up giving me 4.0 :)

    But I'm picking up a half of it tomorrow :D

    Yeah, I've had something similar to a lemon skunk strain and it smells somewhat similar to this. The lemon scent in this is definitely like a lemon skunk, but theres so much more to it. :rolleyes::D I wish I could bottle up a scent for GC.. I took a picture for the hell of it though. My camera sucks, but this is a macro from my hp digital camera piece of junk :devious:

    The little darker leaves are actually little bits of purple. Plant probably got a little chilly before harvest :p

    ~click to enlarge picture~

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  9. does the weed produce a lot of keif? cause i have the exact same smell in the bud im smoking right now and i got a SHITLOAD of kief from one bag

  10. the shit i have looks like that except without the purple and a little more red hair.... but it looks almost exactly the same with a sour lemon smell that burns ur nose... im ripped off it and i cant find the lighter i just used to hit my bowl cause i had to when i realized it was the same hahaha

    happy toking!
  11. From what I can tell from the picture it looks good, weirdest best smelling bud ive ever had was some gdp x mr.nice. It had that good purp smell, but it had a tinge of spice to it not sure what spice but a spice. I loved it.
  12. Yeah. I ground up about .8 for my firecracker I just made and I got enough keif to completely cover and top off a big ass bowl. It made a nice big layer of keif on top of the greens. SO nice. I'm near philly in PA haha.

    Yeah, I can honestly say the pictures dont do it justice. My camera phone takes the same quality pictures that this camera calls the "macro" setting. I need to get my hands on a good camera. Oh well.
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    Does anyone have any tips for taking macros with a shitty 4.0 megapixel HP camera? lol

    I have photoshop and I tried sharpening it a little, but didn't do much. The picture itself isn't sharp enough. Also makes it look crusty and dry, but its dried just right to where it has that fluff to it.
  14. I wasn't knocking it. If I say something looks decent that's good praise, I have high standards ;)
  15. 1. Sell it
    2. Get a new camera
    3. ?
    4. Profit!
  16. HA... i dont know anyone who would pay more than 10 bucks for this thing! But I think I'll just go out and buy a camera. Maybe tomorrow since circuit city is going out of business and is basically throwing everything away lol. 50% off and up at my store.
  17. My wife has all the good cameras. I take most of my pics with a cheap HP 6 megapixel Photosmart that I got for Xmas a couple of years ago and they come out ok. You can see the results in the threads in my sig.

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