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  1. Hey guys, gunna start budding here in a week or 2 under my T5 (I know, shitty, but I'm poor). Anyways. I want your guys' opinion on the best Bud fertilizer. I'm already using General Organics BioThrive for vegging. And I'm going to be using the BioThrive for blooming too (bought them together as a package). But I was wondering what else I could use to get the most out of my little T5's. I've been using Floralicious Plus too, as a foliar spray and its been going pretty well. I'm just upset at how small my plants are after 3 months!

    Also, anyone have any input on whether Bud Sweeteners work at all? I just dont want to buy into something that would be a sham, or regret not just using molasses myself. First grow, guys! I need advice!

  2. P.S. It would be preferred to go organic, but its not too much of a make or break thing.
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  4. Molasses and A.N. Bud Candy have worked out fantastic for me thus far and have given the ripening buds a rich, sweet and quite dank aroma. Haven't harvested yet so maybe someone else can chime in. Along with the Bud Candy (follow label directions) I add one tablespoon of molasses per gallon of nutes/enhancers. I use Grandmas Unsulphered as it has more available sugars than blackstrap. You can also use, honey, table/cane sugar, etc.
  5. Thanks, man! I saw this stuff called SnowStorm in my grow shop a while ago. but cant find any real helpful info about it on the internet. As far as i can tell, it helps make more trichs?
  6. Would honey add to your bud, Mmmm Honey Bee Kush?
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