Bud Spraying OK?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Phyll, Feb 11, 2003.

  1. Is it beneficial to flowering plants to spray them with Schultz's and water once or twice a day? There's some crystalization happening on the flowering parts, so, would it be better to leave them alone or just spray clean water on them or go with the Schultz's and water? I'm watering the soil below with the same or more potent mix and they seem ok. Would the spraying just strip the crystals off the plants and leave it all in the soil or will they repel the mixture? Would it make any difference?

    Thanks for any suggestions or advice.
  2. Say no to foliar feeding during flowering!
  3. Thanks. Now you got me thinking...if I'm using CFL's and they are very cool then maybe I wouldn't worry about water droplets magnifying the light on them. So, is what you're saying; that the Schultz's (10-60-10) will hurt them or that anything is going to hurt them just due to contact with the bud honey? I'm confused because so far, they look pretty damn good.
  4. Picture this...let's say your mouth is the roots and your butthole is the leaves. Would you want to be fed through your butt? I sure don't. Don't mess with the good thing you've got going, besides, you don't want to be smoking those chemical ferts.
  5. I get it...I should use toilet paper rather than the bidet. LOL
    Anyway, I don't see any mold and they look good but did I do any harm to the THC or the gooey stuff by spraying them for a few weeks after 12/12?
  6. water in the morning also...cuz u water at night...bigger chance that u are gonna have water on leaf and/or flower and mold happens that way.
  7. Yea, mist them when the lights first come on. That's when the stomata is open and ready to take in nutrients. Make sure you clean them with straight distilled water later in the day or the next so they can still "breathe".

    A few weeks into 12/12 is fine and it really is the grower's preference.
  8. So, I guess I'll let 'em go until they're golden frosted. Right?
    Are there any good sites to check out a strain chart or thumbs that help a dude ID his buds?
  9. unoit has a good site on strains, maybe he'll see this...

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