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Bud Smells Like Hay And A Weeny Bit Moist.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by inb4bud, Jun 6, 2013.

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    I'm not surprised considering where you got it from. Sounds like they didn't dry it right and didn't take the time to cure it. Dry it out yourself and cure it for a little bit. Lemon peels won't do much. Fruit peels are used for when your bud is too dry so that would be counter productive for your situation.
    Really after you dry it don't expect to get a pungent ass smell from it if you cure it because what's done is done but it couldn't hurt.
  3. What's SR?

    And are you saying you'd bud smells like hay/moist weeny?
  4. ^A magical place, where after many a loophole, you can get bud and "other" things delivered to your house.
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    Haha. You really bought grass ( you didn't get weed) off of Silk Road. Hahah. You really thought it was going to be good. Silly kids.
  6. Find a real dealer.
  7. What's a weeny bit moist? Is that like if you forget to shake your dick after a piss? :smoke:
  8. #8 inb4bud, Jun 7, 2013
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  9. And now you know why.
  10. What is silk road

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  11. His bud resembles that of a wenus. That is what 'a weeny bit moist' means

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  12. Silk road is like the black market online, basically a ebay for drugs. But dont expect a URL because its a little more complicated than that. You have to use tor browser which Lets you surf the internet annonymously. Ive never been on it, just did a little research, sounds like a stupid idea to me and an easy way to get busted
  13. That sucks, it sounds like he just didn't give a shit to give you anything good since it was free and stuff. Cure it yourself, that's all I can say.
    For those that do not know what silk road is, it is basically the internet's market for things that may or may not be illegal. It's really hard to find, you have to know coding and stuff. For more info, try asking about it on 4chan
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  15. Still sucks.
  16. A weeny bit funny
  17. wow i always felt like such a thing existed, now i know...
  18. Pics? I can tell you the steps to cure it if I could see some pics, just to know what needs to be done.
  19. If he Harvestd early the hay smell is gunna be there forever. Not much you can really do...just dry it out...jar it and see if potency and taste get a lil better. Potency forsure will improve.

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