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  1. I am doing a 2000W grow with white widow. I have done white widow a few years ago, but this is my first time coming back to it. They are around four weeks into flower. The nodes that are more towards the outside of the plants, less in the light, are growing what seem to be much healthier, hairier, and larger bud sites. I know this is usually uncommon since the light is less intense the more away from the light you go horizontally.

    Can a light be too strong for a plant if it isn't showing any signs of light burn? They are both brand new 1000 W HPS lights. I have a feeling that this might just be a coincidence, but wanted to post this to see if it indeed is too intense. Thanks for any responses.
  2. Hmmm ....

    Light too close to plant causing heat stress
    Light causing heat inversion pushing fresh air away
    Light intensity causing shadows thus stretch on opposing side of plant

    Hot spot on reflector glass
    Hot spot from reflective materials

    Good luck .....
    You can count on me for any "smoke quality checks" you may require:smoke:
  3. I too have a 2k flower room atm.

    Ive experienced that before myself too. Trying to get greedy with the lumens. I had to put a fan at each light to keep the heat from stunting the growth.I have 6"ac hoods too.

    just keep the air moving under there and you can get the light closer.

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