Bud shot, anyone know what strain

Discussion in 'General' started by smokeboi1245, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Yo anyone know what strain this is, my man called it "fruity pebbles" but ive never heard of that. It does in fact smell very fruity tho, smellls a lot like blueberry. The picture is out of focus but its not that bad.

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  2. It's pretty much impossible to tell the strain from the pic, but if it smells strongly of blueberry, it could be blueberry. Fruity Pebbles is a strain as well... so maybe you should trust you're guy on that one.
  3. That looks a lil like the blueberry that I smoked but theres no way to fully tell.
  4. for the 100th time people... strain cant be identified by sight alone. the ONLY way a strain ca be identified is if you know the grower.
  5. FRUITY PEBBLES hahahaha!! Well atleast now you know your dealer is a dumb ass. But If I had to guess It looks like some juicy fruit or sweet tooth. Doesnt really matter tho, its only the name.
  6. haha thats one of the dumbest things ive heard, just a name.lol.
  7. juicy fruit doesn't smell like blueberry
  8. ive had juicy fruit and fruity pebble I prefer the fruity pebbles.....
  9. how is that funny? it is just a name. you could grow any strain you want and call it "Supercalafragalisticexpialidocious" and it would still be the same shit. Name doesnt mean a damn thing.

  10. Why does that make his dealer a dumbass. Ive heard of a strain called fruity pebbles.
  11. Sadly, I was unable to obtain the exact pedigree on “Fruity Pebbles,” but I was able to ascertain through some research that it's an Indica dominant strain with medicinal qualities (heavy body buzz etc.) This strain also comes with a characteristic taste and smell that lends itself to the stoner food Fruity Pebbles. That's all I could dig up so far, but here's a link with a couple pics, enjoy!
    Link: http://www.ornorml.org/omca/2005/strains/index.htm
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  12. so have i
  13. It seems to look more like blueberry than fruity pebbles.
  14. yeah i agree again... dont compain though... blueberry is awsome and i always seem to enjoy it :smoke:
  15. lol, you know there's strains called "dog shit" and "cat piss" as well as just "shit." I wonder whether or not a dealer would mention those names when handing it to you lol.

    "Yo, man, this is some bombass cat piss shit!" lol
  16. no lie one of my dealers had some so called cat piss a couple months ago. he said his dealer called it cat piss. and i am here to tell you that was in the top 5 best buds i've ever smoked! that catpiss sure was fuckin bomb! :D

  17. ya i accually have some fruity pebbles and it does look pretty similar to that... duno but maybe ur the dumbass
  18. i had an old friend of mine just put her boobs on a table (she's short) and just up and say "wanna buy some cat piss?" one of the weirdest moments of my life

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