bud shootout

Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. whose it gonna be one of the youngguns or one of the oldies???
    gordies an oldie now lol
  2. whoa, i don't even know what i am repying too, i sat here listening to music and didn't even realize that i had tried to post. ah well thats what i get or being stond :D
  3. freekin stoners. lol

  4. Gordon is too busy trying to hang on his vast financial and keep it away from the ex.

    The "old guys" need to race a lot hungrier this year.

    And DW needs to just shut up, unless he has something important to say.

    Kenseth. It's his year this year. It would be better if he would get in a Chevy.

    Remember, you heard it here first.
  5. oh i cant wait to hear ward talk,...an i think you boys just might hate me all season, gordies soooo moved on :D.....although i do's love it when jr. wins.

  6. huh, kinda wierd how that played out eh? :D

    but i think you might be right about that kenseth boy.
    ...and dontcha just loooove ward?
  7. If you say his name while holding your tongue, you can sound sorta like him!

    #8 looked pretty fast as did #24.

    But a lot more stuff can happen in 500 miles.

    It's been a long two weeks since the end of football season!

    Good to know Sundays will have something to watch again until the weather gets better.

    I'm staying with #17 for the championship.
  8. HIGH All, don't know how I missed this one.

    I agree smokin lets see what happens 500 miles later, just as HIGHa I'm going for Gordo. Matt looks good and won't be surprised when he finishes in the top 5 for the Championship.

    That DEI team will be hard to beat...they have their shit together.

    Anyone watching qualifying right now....quess not seeing it's raining. Bummer.
  9. read all the post aloud while holding my tongue...thyea i thoun a willdle wike ward. i just cant help liking him.
    what do ya think of the new chevy fronts? was it just for the shootout? or ??? they look wierd. i kept lookin and insisting earnhardts was oldtyle but my man says noooo it just looks that way. must be for a reason...still i think it looks wierd
    p.s jr made a leeetle mistake by sayin how he changed gears a little.
    for a second i was like omg! okies gonna win. just for a second :)
    *i know you were like damn that higha* I KNOW IT!

    gordie got a little "shafted" last year...did ok with all new crew an all.....i think jeff gorden is ugly wierd and strange,lol
    but he is and has been my sons pick for years so i admit here and now really, really admit #24 for the championship.....AGAIN. :D
    but i like ward for everything else..lol.. dodge methinks?....nowonder he sometimes almost wins.
    an i think kyle petty got a nose job or somthing lol
  10. OOOHHhh an did ya see that comercial about divoricng your man with one click, easy as filling yur taxes?

    i started laughing, i mean really laughing......i could just see it byw, hunny i just divorced your ass easy as pie.

    he didnt think it was near as funny as i did.

    it'll be a fun season

  11. my soup is fuzzy

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