Bud Rot?

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  1. Hey, sorry I couldnt get pics, I know that makes it easier. Plants are close to harvest, mostly cloudy trichomes, outdoor, I'm flushing them now but the problem is a couple of the buds on both plants have started turning brown. I'm talking like the leaves sticking out from the buds as well as the buds themselves, in a small area maybe a quarter size in diameter. I've looked around and I think it might be bud rot - not sure what to do since they're so close to harvest time. Any help is appreciated since idk wtf to do and I'm worried about my girls. Thanks
  2. look in the brown buds there maybe a cutworm in there
    with bud rot most of the time the leafs don,t die unless they have mold
    are the buds crispy or mushy if they are crispy then most likely you have a cutworm
    if they are mushy then sorry to say but it maybe bud rot
  3. yea they're more crispy. So how would I go about dealing with it if its a worm?
  4. the first thing is to open the buds and find the worm look for webbing,
    little eggs and caterpillars and you mite want to cut the brown buds off
    because it will not grow any more and it can be a good host for mold or mildew
    most likely they will come off easy because the worms cut the stock and build a nest
  5. what do u think would happen if i harvested and dried them with it still looking like this? would it spread to the whole bud?
  6. Check my thread in the outdoor section. I have pics of what sounds just like your problem. It turned out to be worms. I cut the affected buds off at the brown spot and saved everything above the cut I could. They are hanging now.
  7. if its cut worms you dry it and smoke it if you want
    but if its bud rot or mold its not a good ideal to smoke it
    mold or mildew can cause your lungs to shut down
  8. Its def. bud rot. Goddamnit. My beautiful cherry kush is all hacked to pieces now cuz the mold was in all the colas. What can I do with moldy bud just make hash?
  9. thats a good ideal keep it and hash
    i would not smoke the bud but the hash should be fine
  10. U still cant smoke it as hash or oil. Unless u wanna chance gettin sick.
    U shouldnt even make edibles outta it.

    Read the mold section, near the end of the pest thread.


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