Bud Rot, PM, Mites, or nothing to worry about

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ZellGrows, Oct 12, 2022.

  1. Hi Y’all,

    After I dried my first harvest I noticed cobweb type webs forming between the stems and bud on some of my nuggs. Below is a picture through a jewelers microscope. Can any anyone advise what they believe this is and if I should just chalk it up as a lesson learned or can salvage my harvest?


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  2. hard to say, hard to tell...one picture may not tell the whole story either.

    you may have spider mites, and it may or may not be severe....if the majority of your buds look good, then you're fine. The mites may be spinning webs now because the plant has been chopped and they are on a final mayday countdown until death... if you're hanging your plant to dry, you'll find the bugs will make their way to the top of the cut stem.
  3. Appreciate the feedback. I took a couple naked eye pics then zoomed in through the glass. They’re below.
    upload_2022-10-12_15-16-27.jpeg upload_2022-10-12_15-16-58.jpeg upload_2022-10-12_15-17-38.jpeg upload_2022-10-12_15-17-51.jpeg

    I segregated all the buds where I could identify the webbing/fuzz with the naked eye. Almost looks like a bug’s exoskeleton in the second pic
  4. first, those are some awesome pictures. Well done. you got bugs...sorry. However, most of the product out in the world does--esp if you look that close. If bugs bother you, an extraction product might be in order. Again, nice pix!

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