Bud rot?? Mold? AHHHHH

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Toxic804, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Been having one bug keep coming back to the same spot on one of my buds.. so today with a little further investigation, I found him deep in the bud, and when he took off I looked and found this. Went ahead and took the bud off, cause it looked like mold to me. And suggestions?? What can I put on them to keep the mold down if that's What it is??
  2. I trimmed it al out pretty good. But this is whats left. Fuuuuuck
  3. Bud rot is due to calcium and copper not getting to the tips of the plant. Similar to blossom end rot in tomatoes. Next grow, get that Ca and Cu up. Good luck.
  4. Im thinking that whatever bug was there took a shit in your bud and that's what started the mold. Because of the excess moisture and dirty shit

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  5. Honestly the nug still looks wet, bud rot is usually dried out with white brown or blue green everywhere. Looks like you caught t early, if they're catepillars I'd get on the BT or more will end up like that. If not I'd defiantly figure out the bug and get on it, if there's one there's more.
  6. Did it look like this worm
  7. This was the bug. 20170831_190424.jpg

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