Bud Rot maybe?

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  1. Sorry i didnt get a pic, i just went out and watered my girls and one of the plants bud had turned brown all over so i pulled it off. Should have taken a pic so you could see, the weather is going to rain for the next 4 day and the plants are 2 weeks left before they are all done. Should i chop that one down and leave the others or just leave them be?
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    Yes im pretty sure it's mold.
    Does it pretty much fall apart after you touch it?
    I have mold on my outdoor girls right now
    I just cut all the big leaves off after i cut out all the mold, and I'm keeping a real
    close eye on em, and i made sure they get a lot of ventilation
    since there in a greenhouse.
    You also want to go out everyday and shake the excess water off your girls
    so they don't have any water on them and make it more susceptible to mold.
  3. No it was really sicky, wanst dryed out at all. I just dont want it to spread all over then lose it all so not to sure if it would be better to let them go on or cut my losses and take them now with the weather looking crappy until the weekend
  4. I'd chop the plant man, if it was a big spot of mold. if only a small spot cut out the mold and watch closely till harvest.
  5. I just had this problem bud, its brown spots in the bud, you can usually point it out because the sugar leaves near the bud turn a dark brown/purple, and looks like its dried out or dead. I had to dispose of a grocery bag worth of bud because of rot. I cut my ladies down a tad early because of it, with the weather stayin wet and humid it wasn't worth the extension of grow time. You can see my harvest results in the Outdoor marijuana growing section!

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