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    well, with all of the recent threads I've seen about people having a tough time with bud rot I figured hey maybe I should check my plants lol

    they are filled and I mean filled with mold and rot. just recently it started to hermie right out so I was planning to chop it very soon, I don't know if it was the genetics or the environment outside or what, but out of 8 plants from seed all but 1 hermied. or if maybe a neighbour had a male kicking around? I don't know.

    I don't take my outdoor grow serious at all and mostly just did it as an experiment/for fun, and I kinda thought I'd just make canna butter with all of them. so I don't really feel like I've lost anything. but at the same time kinda sucks.

    its been a pretty hot humid summer.

    anyway to prevent this? I moved the plants out of the rain every single time it rained. I don't know if thats helpful or worse.

    anyway, hope everyone is happy and healthy, wishing everyone better luck on their outdoor grow than I had with mine. 20190818_100607.jpg
  2. What state are you in?
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  3. Ontario Canada
  4. I'm not familiar with the weather in Ontario, but high humidity is the major cause of bud rot. That's the reason that some parts of the world aren't good for growing cannabis outdoors. A good example is Florida.
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  5. right on, thanks Mick! :) yeah its been unusually hot/humid didn't really think this would be a problem though to be honest
  6. I live at the beach in So. Cal in a very damp harbor fog micro climate. That's my reason for growing under a shelter. But I was still losing everything to mold. When I started spraying for caterpillars is when I started getting rid of mold. Bug shit is what's creating my mold issues. I still have to go out and check, but I went from 90% loss to mold down to less than about 10% loss. I wish I could get down to 0% loss, but I just haven't arrived yet.
    During flower I change to spray in the early mornings instead of evenings to prevent mold friendly atmosphere.
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