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Bud rot and hermie?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by greenops, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. I kept these two AK48s (Feminized Nirvana) on my balcony since May. They already showed their female sex then, but didnt start spit more pistils until last week of August.

    So 2 days ago i noticed this swollen, raindrop shaped part of the bud and I just thought it's a sign that the buds are starting to get fat! >>> 1st Pic
    But now i'm thinking this plant might have turned into a hermie? I notice more of them on other buds but smaller and pistils coming out of it. >>> 2nd Pic

    I got curious and cut a real swollen one from the buds and squeezed it, and there was something like an immature seed inside! I could be wrong but thats what it seemed like.

    What ya think, has my female turned into a hermie now or did a nearby male pollinate my female?

    And also one of the buds was real moist. I saw something like a spider web inside of the bud... so I'm guessing its bud rot? I always thought bud rot smells but, but this bud still smells dank. Still, I cut the infected bud off, will this spread?

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  2. the third pic looks like you got spider mites!
  3. Ok well don't worry about them being seeds because there not that's just part of the bud it happens all the time. But the last pick looks like a spider (not a mite) is living there just cut it out and look for a small spider. But your good on the hermie though just part of the flower:) hope it turns out good for ya
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    I dont see evidence of spider mites at all. I've seen spider mites kill a ten year old pine tree that was 30 feet tall in only a few months. You'll know when you have them. Just stare at your plants for a minute and if youll see them. If you squeezed a seed and this stuff came out that was kinda milky or wet, thats evidence of a seed. Youll know you have hermes because what looks like a bud from a distance, will actually be a collection of seeds up close. Bud rot is quick and will spread overnight.

    If they are hermes, Id say its time to kill them. If you're not sure, Id wait a little. If they were my plants, from the time they were vegetative I would have been feeding them cold pressed neem oil every 4 weeks or so, sometimes more frequent depending on the strain/time of the year. August/Sept is definitely spider mite time, so be wary. If you do have spider mites, neem oil will kill them and will also kill/prevent mold. If you've got bud rot, that means the rot is coming from within and spreading out. Neem can stop this from occurring before hand, but in my experience, is less helpful once rot takes hold.

    Invest in some neem oil, wait a day or so and you'll know if its bud rot or hermes. As for spider mites, any ol magnifying glass should help discover those little suckers. Ive discovered by trial and error that lady bugs find them a nice snack.

    Edit: I dropped 15,000 lady bugs in my back yard last year (overkill I know) to kill an aphid outbreak in my garden. When they had consumed most of the bugs in my backyard in only a few days, they moved onto the field directly behind my house. For the next month, you could see thousands and thousands of lady bugs on almost every blade of grass in every yard on my block. This year, we've had no aphid outbreaks near my property. I was at my neighbors house yesterday and saw that his sunflowers have aphids. I was shocked, until I noticed the hundred or so lady bugs per leaf on the 30 or so plants in his yard. Lady bugs rock! Don't ever underestimate them. They're my first choice on most outbreaks. Inside, outbreaks are extremely uncommon for me, as I keep my grow area spotless and isolated.
  5. Thanks for the info guys.
    You can see that tear drop shaped thing on my in the first pic. Thats the one I squeezed. But that thing also looked like it was going to spit some pistils, I have more of those in other buds, not so swollen, and with hairs coming out.

    Pokesmot, if you say spider mites are easily visible, I dont think i have them. I cut the infected part and checked the remaining stalk today and it looks like the web didnt spread.

    All in all, id say the developments of the buds are on track. And u say if its going to turn hermie, the balls would be visible in a couple days? As of today, still no balls...
  6. ok i do thinks its turning hermie. i found more of them on the nodes. since i got couple buds that are looking like they going to be ready in 2 weeks, do u guys think i can let it finish and eventually smoke it? or will the product be bad?
  7. Pick off the seeds and let it finish. You could use whatever it produces in some fashion, unless you have other plants it could seed then kill it.
  8. they do not look hermie to me just nodes swelling up . mine look the same but a lot bigger and no seeds and they are almost done
  9. hermies have nanners, man. if you have what you think are seeds, then it got pollinated, but it really just looks like it's getting fat buds. if you see things that look like tiny bananas in your buds, then you have hermies, but if not, you don't. it's not always a death sentence, though. one of my plants hermied about a week before harvest, but i just picked the nanners off and she was fine. just be careful not to spresd any pollen and you should be okay
  10. It's that swollen thing in the first picture, and the 2 smaller once in the 2nd picture.
    I thought those are bananas?
    Whatever they are, the swollen once have seeds inside of them.
  11. I would say hermie 100%. If those swollen pods have seed looking things in them than its herm or been pollinated. I currently have 3 plants doing this because one plant grew bananas, didn't notice and they opened and released pollen. Look closely between your buds and the stem that was were the majority of mine grew.
  12. Yup those things are between the buds and the stem. I hope its still ok to smoke?

    I think i just found some more bud rot... damn! It's been raining these couple days. Dunno If i should let them mature or chop early.

    Can someone confirm if this is indeed bud rot? There are brownish, greyish spots inside of the buds. With some rather moist, wilting leaves on that spot....

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  13. You do have mites, I dont understand how dumb people can be, in your 3rd pic, to the left of the web is larvae and to the right of the web is an acutual mite right in front of your face glowing, oh and the web duh. Its not always a crazy infestation, I had them but you would only find 1 or 2 here and there on each plant

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