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    Considering this scenario:
    You've grown 2 consecutive batches of plants of the same strain,in the same room,under the same conditions,and,
    You trained your plants better on the second round,and,
    You got significantly bigger buds than before...
    Now,it's taking longer for the buds to ripen than before....So,
    Is it NORMAL for fatter,denser,heaver buds to take more time to ripen than the smaller buds took ? (SAME Strain) I'm talkin 1-2 wks longer?

    added note : I normally harvest at approx 10% amber trics, and normally have that by this time.
  2. Nothing is every the same, so you cannot realistically relate one grow to another, but when it comes to bud development, the longer you let your plant ripen the bigger the buds will be. In other words... the most common mistake that I see many growers make is cutting down their plant(s) way to early.
  3. Yep,I've been guilty of that too...Trying hard to be patient on this one,As these are the biggest buds I've ever had.
  4. Yes, poor conditions can lead to flowering ending early.

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  5. Well in that case,I need to get me some poor conditions I guess...LOL
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