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Discussion in 'General' started by thenolan, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. do u think if i laced a bowl with crushed up x it would do anything
    bcuz i love x but i dont want to do it anymore cuz it makes me really retarded, ive done it 3 times and once i took 2 hits (snorted one took the other) and ever since ive done it these 3 times ive turned really dumb
    but i was wondering if lacing bud with x would do anything good?
  2. i dont kno man, but i have never heard of anyone taking E and the getting "dumb".......
  3. really? maybe its in my mind, bcuz everyone told me it puts holes in ur brain
    it is BY FAR my favorite drug of any ive ever done i love ecstacy
    so, it doesnt make you dumber?

    and once again, can i lace my bud with it and will it not be a waste?
  4. i am not sure about the lacing, i am sure someone will come along to do it

    i have heard about a lot of drugs putting holes in the brain(from acid to dxm to E)....as long as you are not trying to roll or trip or whatever ALL your life every hour of the day, you will be fine man
  5. Go on Pot-tv.com or sumthin like that and Download the E video its like 45 min long watch it and understand how the "holes" are a lie. E is a good drug just be smart with it!
  6. thanx sooo much dudes cuz i was really starting to miss the feeling and now i think im gonnna do it again
  7. one problem.. Pot-tv.com needs a username and password
    any idea what one is?
  8. better yet, just go to erowid.org and read up on E if you wanna know just about everything

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