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  1. I've looked around the site and still need help. What's up with these buds? I have two plants doing this, both cloned from a successful female. I'm growing these two in bubble buckets, indoors. They're not right. All the bud sites look the same. The usual white hairs are there but they turn dark quick. And there's not much smell to the buds. Are these buds trying to seed? Is it a hermie? Are these plants good for anything?

    Thanks for your help. :wave:

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  2. hmmmmm could be one of two things I think...........either a male has pollinated them before you had a chance to remove any males from the growroom when you first switched to flower......, or they have polinated themselves, which is probably more likely.........Peace out.........Sid
  3. Definitely no males in my grow. If these did pollinate themselves as you suggest, is that what growers call a hermie? If so, do hermies develop any decent bud? Or even good seed stock?

    Thanks for your time.
  4. if they are hermies you'll need to remove them from the growroom if there's any other females about..............did you stress them at any time to make them hermie?.....ie light stress....wrong cycle etc?.........Peace out.........Sid
  5. Yeah they look like they're growing seeds. Check for male flowers, or maybe there's a male nearby (not in your growroom, but a neighbour? dunno if this is possible). Hermies produce smokeable bud, but you might not wanna keep it if it's gonna pollinate your other females.
    If it's a hermie, check for light leaks.
  6. Sorry bro. You're flowers are seeding :( If you're absolutley sure there were no males, you've got yourself a hermie. You can smoke bud from hermies, but it will only be mid grade. If I were you, I'd get them out of the grow room to another growing area (ie outside) or they'll pollinate your females.

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