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Bud Prices

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MichaelPriceFLA, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Are bud prices the same everywhere?
    I've bought in LA, FL, OR, GA, and TX
    They're all 25/Quarter, 80/oz, 40/half, 20/gram, etc.

    What are the prices for you and where do you live?
  2. Dude, that's gotta be off. 20/gram jumps to 25/quarter?
    Here, prices are 30-45/eighth, 50-75/quarter, 100-120/half, 180-225/oz
  3. no theres so many factors in how much weed costs
  4. Probably means 20 a gram form some Kindbud or Kush which is pretty normal. Here prices are 20/dub, 25/quarter, 35-40/half, 60-65/o
  5. headies run me 120/quarter 60/eighth 20/gram. kb or worse is like 45/eighth.
  6. NYC Headies..


    Mids & Beasters are way cheap, $5 for a gram of mids uptown.
  7. thats pretty cheap weed you get,
    around toronto the prices are usually 40q 80h/oz 150 oz
  8. In a Black Market Economy, prices fluctuate. There is an average, but way too many factors come into play etc/ potency, hookup, weight of the pickup, and how far "up" the chain you get it.
  9. I live in Santa Cruz CA where we probably have some of the most and finest bud in all of CA and I pay (From a dealer)

    10-15 for a Gram of Chronic
    35 - 55 for an 1/8
    85-90 1/4
    130 - 150 half
    220 - 280 Ounce (depending of quality)

    But all prices change from person to person or quality
  10. free out of my closet and the vast fields of northern ohio. The best bud you will ever smoke is what you grow if that is an option other than that prices are about 320 a oz 140-160 a half and so on
  11. Same here.

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