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Bud Pickup: Maple Leaf and Thai **PICS**

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dank_Head, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Some of the buds i had left over after selling most of the pickup..
    not the best but some pics i took on my friends camera.. enjoy

    Strain: Maple Leaf



    Strain: Thai


  2. another pic of the Maple Leaf

  3. Did you try to make it so blurry?
  4. i know i know my friends camera sucks and doesnt have macro or anything, i hope to get a new camera soon or find someone with a good one. i'll get better pics new pickup thursday
  5. I think the problem wasn't really the camera, most people don't know how to focus a camera that they don't own.

    On most of them, you press the shutter button halfway, with the box covering the MF (main focus), wait for it to beep, or the box will change, or something will let you know it focused on the object, and then press the shutter down the rest of the way.

    That was the problem, wasn't the camera's fault, I mean, camera's from the 1800's could atleast take a picture in focus lol.

    +rep for trying tho, still can tell its good bud

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