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Bud Pickup : **Legends Ultimate Indica** (What dreams are made of)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by wunschshrek, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. The name says it all....

    Smoke a joint of this, and get ready for a heavy indica stone that will make you part of the couch you are sitting on.

    Good fun ;)


  2. Holy shit, sooooo many trichomes, that's ridiculous. Nice man.
  3. those trichs looks exactly like the ones on cannabible 3! nice pickup as usual man! btw, with the many heady strains u get, do u ever save the strains so u cna enjoy them later?
  4. you put my bud to shame
  5. haha damn. heavy indicas are bomb.
  6. Yeah man, for the last 4 or so years, I always take 1 or 2 grams and vacuum seal it and put it in the freezer in my garage, I would say I must have like 150 strains in there right now or some shit around there.

    Only one I broke out of my freezer was this lemon Kush i got one time cause it was soo bomb.

    Thanks for the compliments everyone, appreciate them ;)

    Stay smoking fellas :smoke:
  7. thanks for the reply man. that is one hell of an idea which is y i asked. im glad u do that, i hope to some day be able to do that...
  8. dayummmmmmmm
  9. those crystals are intense
  10. Yeh that is some AMAZING stuff. I had something quite identical for my last smoke. My boy and I and his sis put away a 1/2 oz of that shit.

    I was never so high in my life. Definatly a great way to go out. Enjoy bro!
  11. Just out of curiousity, do you have a non-macro picture of a bud? It must be fucking frosted man.

    It looks like some great stuff...I haven't had a nice indica smoke in a while. I've had some nice sativa for a very active summer :hippie: haha.

  12. Yeah this is my first pure indica strain that I have gotten in a while, great for before bed, I literally don't wanna move unless its moving my hand into the bowl of dorito's I got sittin next to me hahaha.

    Nope I don't usually get request for non-macro pics , Ill snap one for ya in the afternoon tomorrow when I wake up and post it in this thread.

    If I forget PM me and Ill send ya the pic, ya know how that short term memory thing goes :smoke:

    Be Easy rum ;) Talk to ya tomorrow

  13. 150 strains your lucky, would like to find 10 legit good strains,in my area. Right now can't even find one o yea middies, its like trainer's weed ahhhhhh!!! need to find any kind of dank. :eek:
  14. Yeah man I been there before, I lived in a small town in florida for a while, it sucked, People were selling dirt weed for 120 an ounce.....

    And other people were trying to sell headies for 650 an ounce, thats right, almost 700 bucks.. And people bought it... It was either that or smoke dirt. I felt bad for them =(

    Living in harlem has it percs, harlem is all about good bud.

    Yeah I been saving for like 5 years, I get 1-2 new straisn a week, and just put 1-2 grams aside and vacuum seal it, write the name on the bag, and throw it in my freezer in the garage. Before I got that idea i was rolling em in a joint and putting them in a mason jar, but it sucked because my dumbass put them all in the same jar and I didn't know which strain was which, it was cool cause it was kinda like a surprise but,.. Still nice to know.

    My advice to you! Do some growing! by the 3rd grow you should be able to produce some pretty potent pot, hell most people have great success on their first grow if you do a good amount of homework first.

    Save money, get good weed. Its a win / win.

    Im about to start growing some C99, and 2 strains from dutch seeds(I think thats where I got them from), oasis and isthis, never heard of them before I just liked the name and picked them randomly.

    Anyone have any info / pictures on oasis / isthis? I would love to see what my finish product might look like.

    Anyway thanks for the comments and rep everyone, appreciate it, stay high and stay safe fellas. :smoke:
  15. damn, that makes my afghan goo look like beasters
  16. Once again man you always have the nicest buds i have seen. I have never seen so many trichomes on a bud, jeez. Have fun lol
  17. Wow man it almost looks like moss :D
  18. Nice. Name of this thread sounds like a Pokemon card though :).
  19. Please smoke that shit with highest respect for the INDICUT. You never hear about pure indicuts.
  20. That looks fucking awesome man.

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