Bud on the front page of CNN

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Mariskana, May 15, 2010.

  1. Marijuana plantations feeding Europe's habit - CNN.com

    Thought you guys might want to see more publicity for mary jane. I love how around the 2 minute mark, he just starts grabbing handfuls, haha. I bet you he shoved a whole bunch into his pocket after the cameras stopped rolling, LOL. :D
  2. lol at the horse transporting the weed, and you can definitely tell he wanted to smoke that shit "its a shame you don't have smell with your tv, quite an amazing smell" haha
  3. 4 bucks a pound? whos down for a trip to columbia?
  4. OMG, that was insane
  5. Seems like a nice area for retirement...
  6. god that weed was awful.

    i prefer watching news clips on norther california lol. much better bud!
  7. Can't...stop...drooling.
  8. A peasant farmer gees the animal along, anxious to get his crop into the dry. I stop the farmer and briefly pet the horse.

    "He's called Stoner," the farmer tells me in Spanish, before breaking into a broad grin and setting off again. He was, of course, joking.

  9. That horse is badass. how cool would that be to have a marijuana coat for your horse.
  10. LMAO, although I didn't see no pocket shoving.

  11. They had seedless bud:eek:

    They had sensi and full of seeds. they said the price was like double or triple so they went for it.
  12. I used to live in Colombia. When I learned more about mj I asked my Uncle if he's ever smoked and he outright said yes. He tells me its not a big deal to go down to Bogota and get some Colombian gold.
  13. nice, thanks for posting it

  14. this
  15. That reporter smokes weed, he was in the drying room and said it smells amazing. Fucking awesome lol.
  16. Pretty cool, but it didn't look like very amazing weed lol
  17. I got the same feeling but we didn't really get close enough to tell imo lol.
  18. i want the brick. :D
  19. ahahaha, Crazy :smoking:
  20. Sooo much fucking weed, makes me feel sick that I pay $20 a G, that shit grows like fucking crazy! I'm turning my entire yard into a Marijuana garden the second that shit gets legalized!

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