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Bud not dry enough for blunt

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bray, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. I bought an oz of recently picked bud. Its dank as fuck and sticky. But its not completly dry yet. I tried using to in a blunt today and it wouldnt burn. anyone have suggestions how to dry it enough where it would burn in a blunt?
  2. put some in a sandwhich bag and let it sit out
  3. paper bag is better than sandwich, just let it sit and dry....

    also id tell your dealer you want something to make up for a wet O, he probably ripped you off on purpose....
  4. you got ripped off, whoever you got it off of probably soaked it.
    put in a glass jar for a few days or longer.
  5. Be happy that the bud has your back on this one and pack it in a bong.
  6. #6 macpatty, Aug 24, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 24, 2011
    HAHA you got ripped off fool water holds weight = lol

    Name calling is not allowed here. Mat369

  7. nahh, i got it for 100$ because i helped harvest

  8. HAHAHA! Wow, he probably just paid x100 of what it was really worth.
    You never buy wet ganja....
    You're dealer is a real prick :smoke:
  9. When i want to dry bud in a hurry, I turn my hair straighteners on a low level and put some bud between them. Leave it 10 mins and it'll be dry. :)
  10. if it's dank like you claim, take care of it. how wet is it for one? if you helped harvest then you should have an idea of what day it was chopped.

    if it's been more than a week since you helped harvest, it should be dry enough for you to start curing it.

    get a glass mason jar and put your buds in there. tomorrow open the lid up, stir the buds around and let the bud air dry for about an hour. put the buds back in the jar.

    do this daily for about 2 weeks. if it is wet, it is super important for you to open that lid up at least once a day so that mold does not take over.

    part of having a great smoke is having a good cure. you will notice day by day that the smell will become more fragrant...and by the end of the 2 weeks, the last of your stash will be supurb! good luck :wave:
  11. just break up the buds a little bit, and spread them out on a paper bag, paper towel, or just on your desk and let them sit out for a bit making sure to check on them. they should be dry enough in no time. just make sure you don't dry them out too much.

    if you really want to smoke right now, put the amount you want to use on a plate/whatever and put it in the microwave for 10 seconds at a time, or in the oven for like a minute. however I recommend just waiting lol.

  12. DO NOT put your buds in the microwave. you are just going to damage your precious buds.

    be patient and get a cure going. although if you are really can't wait, just get a vaporizor

    magic flight launch box runs for about $120 and worth it.
  13. really? even for 10 seconds? I've done that before, and everything seemed fine:confused_2: what about the oven lol
  14. the oven is even worse! When used on lower power settings in the microwave (40-50%) can do an adequate job. Mind you, buds will still tastes like crap and certainly not as potent as air-dried, but in a pinch it will work.

    being an avid smoker for years now, i've learned to appreciate my buds and respect the plant for its medicinal properties...i try to use self control and just wait for my meds to be at thier best :wave:
  15. Use brown paper bags [NOT WHITE/NON BLEACHED BAGS] so Plain brown paper bag, put some buds in, cut holes in sides, roll down halfway, leave somewhere dark and room temp.

    They will naturally air dry in a day or two.

    This is a simple fix and a method to actually dry harvested prod.
  16. yeah when I did it it was on a low setting and for a short time, and yes it did taste slightly different. they felt nice and warm in my hand though lol. also my microwave reeked. leaving it out on the table is definitely the better way, this time I was just ~in a rush~ :confused:

    why is the oven even worse jw? I never tried that, but I would think it would be slightly less raunchy than a microwave?
  17. leave it out
  18. im somewhat lucky i live in az for this situation, i just take it out of the sack and let it sit in the sun for a good 10 minutes. then dry as it should be.

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