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Bud my GF got :D

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by tonyhimselff, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Heres what my gf picked up.
    $10 for 1.5 Grams


    Its from the local Dispensary

    Its called Space Queen, pretty sure its 100% Sativa.

    It has a nice sweet smell, mild sweet taste from the MFLB.

    Excellent smoke before i go to work :):smoke:
  2. Dealers like hott chicks... I'm just assuming shes hott;) . SPace queen is a real good sativa I like it a lot. Enjoy it and thank your girl
  3. How did she pay for it? ;)
  4. Its from the club! lmao.

    but dealers do hook up hott girls, i know for a fact.

    One of our old friends/connects would get us some super dank indoor PK.Whenever i would go get a $10 he'd give me .7 or .8

    Whenever my GF would call him for it we'd get either 1g or 1.3 :l
  5. I thought 100% sativas don't exist anymore :confused: Nonetheless, I've always wanted to try myself some Space Queen. Looks nice.
  6. Space Queen is supposed to be awesome, and it looks awesome. +rep to your girlfriend, but you don't get any. :p just playing

  7. It is awesome, i just ordered myself like five shirts from Amazon, i spent four hours looking through pages of shirts hahah.

    Wouldve been better if she picked up one of those crazy OG strains you've come across, i love me some O.G :smoke:
  8. Sick nug.
  9. Look's great, enjoy that wonderful flower.
  10. Doesnt look that good IMO.

  11. Way to be negative.

    Looks so much better than alot of shit my friends get from down here in TX.
    Having to deal with fucking Mexican brick weed blows man. That nug looks far better than most things I see brought to the table. I always hit up my man when hes got the good, and spend around 400$ a time just so I don't have to smoke dirt.

  12. I thought by saying IMO i would save myself from getting ridiculed. I just wanted to troll a little bit.
  13. Yeah totally because your bud shots look soo much....oh wait, nevermind.
  14. Doesnt matter how it looks really, its all about how it smokes IMO.

    And it smoked great :D

  15. she didnt hahahaha
  16. :laughing:

  17. This isn't your nug, how is it a budshot of something you have?
  18. Im doing this on purpose, was just kidding, before i get in trouble for trolling.... Sorry

  19. That looks yummy bro... Dispensaries ftw..

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