Bud in the hookah?

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    Long story short... Wondering if I could stick soem sheesha in my bong... if its not a good idea... then how about either kief/hash.. or some mids mixed in wit hhe sheesha while I stick it in the hookah. Trying to get a friend of mine to relax and try the herb, but she's very hesitant and crap, (and I think slightly paranoid about it).. so I figure I'll mix some in and see how she likes it anyway, maybe calm her ass down a bit. She's done hookah plenty of times, so I see no reason not to. Just wanted to know if it'll work though.

    Only issue I see with the mixing in bud with sheesha.. is the flame is not there, but replaced with a coal, which wont burn it all up. Any solution to this?
  2. shred it up fine and mix it well with the shisha. put a coal on the hookah and you are good.

    lol you should just put it in there and not say anything.
  3. To the contrary, DEFINITELY tell her....especially if she's hesitant to try it...

    maybe try to put weed at the top, shisha on bottom, so you're sure all the bud gets burned.
  4. Angel on one side "Tell her... it'll be honest and she'll not hate you for it."

    Devil on the other side, "Fuck her and her paranoid, hesitant ass! Tell her its just sheesha and to smoke it. Tell her AFTER that there was weed in there."

    Me: decisions, decisions.
  5. Just put lots of well broken up bud in with the sheesha, in the hookah, and she'll tell you when shes good and doesnt want to get higher. dont try to smoke sheesha in a bong because its not meant to be burned with a flame. pretty sure it wouldnt taste the same
  6. shisha in a bong would be realllllly nasty. burning sugar basically.
    shisha is mainly covered in a flavored molasses. just do what they said.

    grind up you bud really good.

    what i like to do is put down a small layer of shisha in the bottom, then .5 of some ground up dank, then a tiny layer of shisha and bud mixed together, and a final top coat of a little shisha.

    put an extra coal than you would normally use. dont let the foil touch the shisha in the bowl.

  7. Start with a thin layer of shisha, then cover it with finely ground herb. Then repeat until you fill the bowl. Just make sure the top layer is shisha. Also, don't trick someone into smoking, if she wants to smoke she'll do it when she is ready. Tricking someone who isn't down to smoke is a scumbag move.
  8. ^^^ agreed on the scumbag move. I have been trying to convince her or rather, change her mentality of it. her original basis for not doing it was b/c it is illegal in US. I had to explain and show her why that is, and how its not illegal everywhere in the US and such. Thanks for the help though.

    Guy I know told me to just pack it like you guys said, but to not tell her their herb in there. Period. Just let her think its regular sheesha and just enjoy the night. If she has a good time, no problem, if not, bad sheesha.
  9. Me and some of my friends used to go to a shisha place near my house. they would put shisha in the hookah like normal, but when they werent looking we would place a nug in between the piece of charcoal and the tin foil that the charcoal sits on.
  10. can ya smell it?

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