bud im about to smoke

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by ludachris, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. its the best i could do, still tryin to figure out my camera, the pic doesnt really do the nug justice, its frosty as hell

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  2. Pretty nice lookin bud. I'd smoke it. :p

    If ya wanna get a size aspect, put a lighter next to it for comparison.

  3. here it is for comparison

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  4. heres the bud rolled up, im about to go puff this down to a little bitty roach
  5. oops forgot the pic

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  6. Very nice man

  7. took a bunch of big hits for ya, hope u succeed in ur cheeba mission :)
  8. seems about i get around here a good smoke
  9. nice J. Have fun with that.

  10. oh I did, my buddies stayed in tonight so i smoked that to myself, man was i ripped
  11. only thing i got here is shwa that my housemates bought and i really dont feel up to smoking dirt ritht now... but if i must i suppose ill consider it if its in a water device.... OH and damn nice spliff styles there bud... dun the Pot Mac proud :D

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