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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Lucid_Reality, May 7, 2003.

  1. Any good? It's just a sample, I picked up half an O

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  2. looks damn tasty, and lots of nice crystals...........Peace out......Sid
  3. omg you got a half O of that? how much did that run you? i would guess at least $120... good lookin bud!

  4. you got hooked up it looks like. is it any good? looks delicious!

  5. $65 for a half of that, i'll be right over
  6. ohhh shit........where u live buddy, im commin' over :) lol

  7. I live in a little village called Surrey, which is located in the great wilderness of Canada in the lumberjack/sasquatch province of British Columbia ;)

    Samus, it IS delicious :D

    You're all invited over to have some :D
  8. woah shit man! That is niiiiice. I'm buyin scummy pot for 50 a half. if only I had a car...
  9. It's making my mouth water...


  10. damn, invited to smoke some ganj in one of the most beautiful parts of n. america

    i'm there

    wait damn, i can't just get up and truck to canada....or caN I
  11. As jay would say i think i just filled the cup.Lol peace
  12. nice man, looks sweet
  13. holy shit! i can see my reflection in all those thc crystals! shit! u lucky ass!
  14. that look great!!

    .;;Resin Weed:;.
  15. you know wut strain that is.Looks so good you could just eat it right up.I would give a arm and leg for that shit.Peace yo

  16. i wish i knew...whatever it is, it's damn smooth on the throat...
  17. god damn!..that looks soooo good, i havent smoked in 3, maybe 4 days, ahhhhh!

  18. probably jus trippin dude:D that bud looks nice Lucid, and a very good price u got 4 it 2 man. Blaze a phat one for me [​IMG]

  19. the latter :)

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