bud heads farm ?

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by critter 11, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. A farmer asked a friend to recommend an attorney to defend him against a charge of bestiality. "I know a great trial lawyer," the fellow said, "but he's expensive and doesn't know how to pick a jury. I know another lawyer," he continued, "who's not a great trial lawyer, but he's cheap and really knows how to pick a jury."

    The farmer settled on the cheap attorney, but immediately had second thoughts when the key witness, a neighbor, began his testimony. "I saw Jud mount his goat from behind," he said, "and when he was finished, I saw the goat turn around and lick Jud's pecker."

    The accused farmer was devastated and had all but given up hope of acquittal when a juror in overalls whispered to the fellow next to him, "You know, a good goat will do that."

    or was that bpp ???
  2. LMAO.. I love it!!!!
  3. Lol, country boy getting down on the farm. :D
  4. For sure Critter II, you are in true form today!!ROFLMFAO!!!You are so good at helping a fellow stoner keep his spirits up!!
  5. we have to love those critters.. Very nice peoples those critters!
  6. what is bpp? and aslo while im asking qustions wtf is lmao rotflmao and all that?
  7. HIGH All, bpp=Big Poppa Puff.........wtf=What The Fuck......lmao=Laughing My Ass O.F.F.F...........rotflmao=Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass O.F.F.F.

  8. Whats that KMA???
  9. kiss my ass

    roflmaoapmpwtime = rolling on the floor laughing my as o.f.f.f and peeing my pants with tears in my eyes. Try to remember that acronym without saying the whole damn phrase.

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