Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. anotehr posting landmark reached by our resident posting pioneer!

    Bud Head
    Super Stoned Moderator

    Registered: Aug 2001
    Location: Across the street in Tennessee
    Posts: 6999

    have ya posted again since i saw this?
  2. You are late again Digit.. This is 7001!
  3. I'm going to bed... See ya'lls tomorrow!
  4. You have way too much to say! ;)

    ::::: doing the 7k dance :::::

    Can you imagine 14,000 posts??? You're half way there!
  5. woooooohoooooo!!!

    damn, thats huge here. I had 9000 at my old boards... theres tons of people there with over 50,000...

    but guess that shows how cool people are onna video game board as opposed to a marijuana board :p

    *7k dances*


    *falls into the corner*

    *begins to cry out of shame*
  6. congratulations on 7k+ budhead!

    and why we haven't broken the 5 digit post number here is just coz' we actually use more than one word in our posts here at the city.
  7. Thamks guys and gals!!!!!

    I do try and make every post count!!!!
  8. in fast!ya beter watch your back, cause bblio is gaine
  9. ob viot could break the 5 figure post count within a year easily if he keeps up the same rate.

  10. I do believe I would have been over 8000 if alot of my post hadn't been deleted...LMAO

    I guess I may be the biggest post whore.. LOL

  11. verry funny.......lol........hahahahahaha....
  12. LOL GM.. Whats for supper tonight?

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