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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Chillin, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. my plants have been in 12/12 for about 6 weeks and i have looked at the buds and it seems like the bottom and some buds are 70% brown hairs and look ready but others are not ready at all. what can i do?? do i pick the buds off that are ready and leav the rest grow???

    Also what is the best way of drying the buds????

    thanks chillin
  2. hi man

    Well will be soon ay!

    mr mashed here to offer what little info i know

    If they are 70% brown I think it is better to cut them down and let the light get to the ones that arnt ready yet

    As for drying depends on the size of the buds if they are nice big ones hang them up as for smaller buds but them in a box not air tight
    oh yeah make sure were ever you put them it is pitch black dark

    peace mr mashed

  3. HIGH All, six weeks is a little early...the best way to tell if your Buds are near ready is to look at the trichomes if most are a cloudy color then it's time.
  5. Hola, Amigos!
    I have to harvest my buds while the trichs are still mostly clear. I need the Cerebral/energetic high. When I am forced to buy and all I can get is the over done stuff, I can only take the tiniest of doses, or I'll walk in circles trying to do chores! I can go off my meds and do that!
    Sloooooow drying really is worth the wait. I have an unused closet that gets my larger branches/buds, clipped to hangers. The little ones get clipped with clothes pins to the stapled lip of a brown paper bag, which also goes into the closet. The doors stay closed as light can cause breakdowns in the thc. There should be ventilation, but as sureshot says, no direct breezes.
    I would not remove any foliage until immediately before harvest. They are busy feeding good stuff to buds. Put them in a paper sack to slow dry, and either smoke'em or cook'em. Shake the bag regularly to avoid mold. Glass is the best material for long term storage, the darker the better. At first, open the jar every day to change the air. Be sure to have your nose ready to go right into the mouth of the jar and take a big deep breath. This will help you know if there is mold, and won't waste that wonderful parfume. As it cures it will slowly shrink, and the trichs will seem to get closer together. It is finished when they are crowding each other. This is the experience of the earth girl...};-)

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