Bud growing out of leaf..

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  1. This is pretty cool I hav a leaf with a bud growing out of the petiole lol.


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  2. That happened to me when i was using GH line up(soil). Every since i switched to FF line up i havent seen it happen.

  3. It more than likely wasn't your nutrients. It would probably be genetic or just a mutated development.

    I've always thought it'd be cool to breed a plant to grow bud on the leaves. It's probably not possible though.
  4. Wow now thats something you dont see everyday haha
  5. Ha yea me too.
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    Why not? Even if it is a recessive trait, it can be bred for- it just takes 2 generations to get a pure recessive for cloning and I would clone the original plant, too.

    Mama plant has buds on her leaves (recessive) + Papa no buds (dominant) = 100% seeds with no buds on the leaves. (mom - nn, papa - NN = Nn offspring

    Cross the babies and Mendelian inheritance says you ought to get 3/4 no buds on leaves and 1/4 with buds on leaves. You can either take clones of the best ones, or cross the best of "buds on leaves" plants to work on perfecting the trait.

    Just because it may take a while, doesn't mean that the results aren't worth it! When cannabis is legalized, strains with buds on the leaves will become very popular. (You smoke the true buds and make hash oil with the rest!)



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