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bud getting dried out

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by freshjuicekush, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. So. I keep my weed in a pill bottle and any excess out of that i keep in a tupperware thing. and yeahyeah I know about mason jars and all that stuff. but I can pick up my weed, store it in a pill bottle for less than a week, and noticeably feel it being dried out. is this normal? or should i really get a mason jar even for keeping bud as short as a week? pleasseeeeeeeeee inform me. kind. gracious grasscity members and weed maestros :D
  2. mason jars are the best. and put two q-tips in the mason jar. but dip the q-tips in water first so that you keep the weed moist. this will give you the best storage technique. my weed actually looks better after I keep it a week in the jar with q-tips than when I first got it. some people may say put an orange peel in the jar but the q-tips are better. don't feel like explaining it, but lotta ins and outs and just gotta trust me on this one. good luck

    and dry weed has it's benefits. I can rip through a gram on a bong if it's nice and dried out.
  3. does the fact that it's dried out matter in the potency?
  4. I heard that you can put an orange peel in the container with your weed, and it will moisten up your weed.
  5. If you do put an orange peel in your container only leave it in here for like 2 hours or mold will start to form.
  6. mason jars are the best for storing bud.
    if you want to re moisten drop a few orange peels, but don't leave it in for more then 2 to 6 hrs or mold will form.

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