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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Lucifer Sam, Apr 20, 2003.

  1. Well I got a digital camera and took a pic of the sack we got last night.

    pic 1

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  5. preety nice chronich how much you pay if you payed anyhting over 10$$ you got jewed
  6. eah, looks a little flat....but i bet it got u fucked up:)
  7. looks crossbreaded stuff 2 me. Kinda like the stuff i had a lil while bk if it's the same then i bet ya get propa mellowed out off this shit. Nice Erb :)
  8. Um, I paid 39 for the sack, it's a quarter, it was pretty good shit, nice smell, but not that fresh. Mellow high. The sack I got for tonight was couchlock shit. Very nice.
  9. looks flat but satisfying :)
    i like your piece, how much did that cost you?
  10. a friend of my brothers gave it to me before I was 18, it's my favorite piece.
  11. looks like just regs to me....... dont look like anything special!
  12. Regs just because we've been getting schwag, thats some of our first real weed ;)
  13. not to criticize or anything dude, but dont pay 39 for a q of that.... please.
  14. i don't know... sometimes camera will F#@$ up the actual quality - and $39/q is a good deal if its dense kb.

    it doesn't look appealing from the pix though!
  15. id buy a 1/4 for 39 in an instant man..... it looks pretty green even though its flat, and its cheap as hell compared to what i'd have to spend normally
  16. well 39 for a quarter is pretty good price around here..its usually 45-50, and usually for a lot worse weed. that stuff was a little pressed, but it was a dense fucker, and had a nice piney taste, which in my experience indicates good bud.
  17. Are you sure you know what your talking about?

    No offense as I am sure you do BUT I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING.

    You stated that you bought that 1/4 oz. for $39; that is a great price for a quarter(i sell 1/4 for $100 in CA) but FROM THE LOOKS OF THE PICTURE IT WOULD MORE LIKELY BE AN EIGHTH -

    Then, you mention that 1/4 oz. usually costs you 45-50 - well that seems more to me like an 1/8oz. price ...


    * The 1/4oz you payed $39 for is MOST LIKELY an 1/8oz and since it is pretty shakey and has seeds you probably got the $45-50 1/8oz for $39?

    Which makes me think you are calling your 1/8oz an 1/4oz???

    I don't necessarily care - but I just wanted to make sure you were aware of what you were paying for and getting?

    If you have a scale?


    1/8oz = 3.5 Grams

    1/4oz = 7 Grams

    1/2oz = 14 Grams

    1oz = 28 Grams
  18. yeah, im sure it was a quarter, it was really dense. I usually buy eigths so i know the difference between the two.
  19. for the people saying that was oregano, it isnt, i smoked it this morning before school, and trust me, its not oregano...but it isnt the best weed...
  20. All of you who critisize the sack need to realize that
    1. Peoples areas have different levels of availability
    2. Different areas cost lots ( an 1/8th where i live of mid is 25
    3. No need to bash down on someone and make them feel like shit eh? Pots about fun and when it gets into this shit about gettin jipped and shit thats fucked up. If he wasnt happy he would have been pissed.

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