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    I'm growing in coco and have various additives that are supposed to be added when the buds are roughly 3 weeks from harvest. (pk 13/14, Gravity, Flush)

    Question 1 is how many more weeks does it look like these buds have left?

    Question 2 is about adding the nute additives:

    Canna PK13/14, which goes with the Canna standard nutes and is supposed to be used for one week during the "generative stage" by one set of instructions and for 5-11 days 3 weeks before harvest by another.

    Gravity Flower Hardener: Supposed to add density to the buds. Also supposed to be given for one week 3 weeks before harvest.

    Flush - We all know what flush is. I think the standard is to flush 3 weeks before harvest and then give nothing but water from there out.

    So I guess I give the PK and the Gravity for one week, then flush and wait for the pistils to turn? Comments? Suggestions?

    Many thanks in advance!

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  2. yeah man that sounds good but wait till ya buds start to swell up and untill you get more, what they looking like now huh?
  3. I would say they have another 5-7 weeks.
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    Use the "General" grow guide at bottom of page.
    Looks like PK13/14 goes in on week 3 or 4 of flower, about the time of the pics? Add now if you haven't yet.

    Gravity sounds pretty good, and pretty strong. Be careful with heat and nute levels.

    Good Luck

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