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Bud creating negative thoughts??!?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Thebongmeister, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. ive been smoking bud for about 3 months and sometimes I get moments (usually when I'm alone) where I think of things in the past and have deep regrets, and I also become very socially conscious so much that once i kicked a guy out of my house because I thought everyone else didn't like him even tho they did. Do I just need to chill out ? Does marijuana just emphasise whatever emotion ur feeling ? Can anyone relate?
  2. we create our own thoughts positive or negative. whatever is already there may surface in a different way with psychotropic drugs. my yoga teacher taught me that you have to go through it to get to it meaning to acknowledge those negative thoughts, breathe them in, say let, breathe them out and say go. let go. peace be with you.

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  3. You need to chill.
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  4. Sometimes weed makes certain people really paranoid....... I've seen it many times. I had one friend that couldn't handle weed until he was through college.

    I think that marijuana magnifies whatever you are already feeling. If it's the best day of your life, it will enhance it. If you are feeling self-conscious, it will make you reflect.

    Sometimes reflecting is therapeutic. If you have something on your mind, weed will make you look at it from another perceptive. Even if it's a negative thought, it will allow you to think about it later when you are totally sober. Life is not all peaches and cream. Take the good with the bad.
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  5. Your mind in your environment creates your thoughts. Blaming weed is what an insecurity inside you wishes to do. Find out why you are insecure and weed will set your mind on that track.
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