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  1. I know it happens during flowering due to cold weather, but how can I re-create a cold night in my closet? Maybe if I put some dry ice in my closet for lights off? That would also give my plants some CO2.
  2. you don't want to make your plants change color due to cold, its a form of stress that will decrease the potency. whats wrong with the buds being green? if you really want purple buds get somthing called purple maxx. or a purple strain.
  3. Didnt know that. Just wanted a lil change y'know? Thanks for the help:wave:
  4. actually its not a form of STRESS and show me some proff of cold weather reducing potency your an idiot for such a non knowledgeable comment - rep to you ....

    also show me proof of what you say back it up with info or facts not just a stupid statement from DR. GReenthumb M.D.

    dont post comments if you dont know what the fuck your talking about
  5. Dont post if you cant be nice or helpful either. What Flarkington says makes sense as cold weather will reduce the plant's ability to make bud.
  6. maybe you two can get totgether and find your proof together

    hey olmeca do you even grow or will mommy not let you all i said was it doesnt stress it and SHOW ME PROOF

    have you heard of b.c. bud or maybe atf

    alaskan thunder fuck ya its real warm in alaska and canada

    show some facts man
    some of the best weed is grown in canada dumb fuck
    in the tundra were its cold as hell get your facts right or maybe think before you open your mouth

    proof you have no proof its all hear say at least back it up with facts

    thats like saying humans will not grow were its cold there no proof its just ridiculous

    hey i major in biology have you even graduated high school
  7. by the way when i lived in NY i used to be harvesting witha foot of snow on the ground
    you dont know shit trust me

    your a forum no-it-all your only grow was schwagg bag in your moms closet
    i post cause i know you post cause you wanna sound like you know ....why am i so mad.....f@#$:mad:
  8. Hey, cultivationist... proof? How about the fact that marijuana grows best above 67F. If you're not giving optimal growth conditions, you're ristricting the plant and hindering it from reaching it's maximum potential.

    But regardless of the answer, olmeca speaks wisely. If you're going to refute someone insultingly but offer no proof of your own, I'll kindly have to tell you to GTFO. If you want purple, genetics > artificial > environment.
  9. he said it reduces potency and you said it reduces ability to make buds

    i think i seen you on that jorge cervantes dvd dude
    you really know how to cultivate
    ya sounds right.....not
  10. you should think for a second

    some of the best weed grows in mexico,panama,hawaii,canada

    hey i also was told its a fact that weed doesnt grow in temps above 100 degress and yet jamaica,maxico,the bahammas

    im sorry you guys i make no sense and i grow schwagg bag in mommy closet

    how many grow you got under your belt both of you

    if any.....
    you get your facts off youtube
    i get my facts from EXPERIENCE
  11. why don't you give proof that it won't effect any thing. common sense says that the plant likes warm weather, because it grows the best in the summer time. if your foot gets too cold and it changes color that doesn't mean its better. and why are you so angry?
  12. Cultivationist, this may hurt a little but sometimes life does: where is your proof and factual backing/reference? "Personal experience" means nothing since you have no pictures, grow journals, or anything like it referenced that a third party could review to determine the validity or your claims.
    Instead of being hostile you could just offer your opinion (which is all you seem to have right now) and just take it easy: this is a internet forum. Arguing here is like competing in the special olympics...
    Just be helpful and relax:smoking:

  13. HA HA HA HA AAAAAAH HA HA ...... HEEE HEEE HEEE. ..... this is terrible, i shouldnt be laughting..... hahahahahahahaha :laughing::laughing:
  14. Cultivationist, chill the fuck out man. I wanna see some of your pictures of you harvesting in 1 foot of snow smart ass. True, there are starins that can grow in a tundra, but it is based on the strain and its resistance to coldness! Try and grow some Kona Gold or Durban Poison outside in the winter time and see what happens jack ass. And actually, coldness can stress a plant, it can stunt growth which could lead to a lower amount of bud. So quit blowing smoke out of your ass.
  15. i dont mean to be a dick or excessively post but if you read my very first comment i said were is your proof, thats all if you cant back it up why throw it out there
    ya know i didnt back my shit up but they both said it reduce potential and its potency
    your right i had no proof but neither did either of you two ya know so maybe were all wrong right or im just wrong and your both right..sorry
    ive never heard this and my proof is bc bud
    back me up you canadians i know its cold and alot of bc bud turns purp do to cold

    but you cant just say o itll do this and this,,,why does it do this? is there a process? does cold shutdown its ability to rapidly produce

    as i said before im majoring in biology and have agricultural experience

    im slowly learning it so maybe i dont know shit ..i dont im sorry really im sorry for my negitivityno disrespect

    p.s. ive been here a while and have posted 2 of my grows one currently in the works
    sorry i dont have digital camera and cable to make grow a journal
  16. I think he just wants a little purp in his life;) How about some cold final flushing[hydro]. I dont think i can buy a little cold towards end of grow is going to stop,slow bud production. Even though its indoors it still has genetics of long ago. So at the end of life, seasons are changing and so are temps.Some are more prone to purp than others to,just learn to read your plants:smoking:
  17. Well I've seen/(bought) buds that are completly purple (from cold I'd imagine) and they wern't the most powerful I've had, but it wasn't that bad. I have some of my own now that the stems and the small leaves in the buds are turning purple, more so as they cure/dry. Interestingly some of the stems and buds from the same plant are pure green.

    I suspected low temps to be the cause of the purple, since I had average temps around 50-65 F 10-15 C, yet the potency of the purpl-ish buds are just as strong as the green buds. The Colas stayed all green, and the inner and lower buds did also. Only the buds from half to 3/4 the way up turned color.

    I've delt with cold temps all the time (Canadian), and it certianly does slow the growth and maturing of buds, yet Vegatating plants don't seem to mind it. I have some DWC's going and they seem to love the cool temps. Cooler air/water temps hold more Oxygen, but anything lower then 50 is bad, and potentialy leathal.

    I find buds take 10-12 weeks (or more) in the cold, and 8-10 in summer. I grow in an insulated room that isn't heated, yet the Ballast(s) can be used to keep the roots warm-ish, as well as the room.

    I think your all correct to some extent. It maybe stressful to the plant, but not greatly. I think it would be next to impossible to get temps low enough unless its cold enough outside, and your not completly indoors. If you were determind to get purple buds I'd try to get a temp no lower then 60 durring the last few weeks of flowering. However your going to delay their maturation by at least a couple weeks.
  18. i love how people immediately resort to insulting one another when someone gives one piece of false information when they were just trying to give some advice.


    why cant we be friends

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