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  1. how much do u use per gallon?? the label says 2ml per liter. has anyone tryed giving more or less with good results?
  2. Well man, a gallon is 3.75 liters, so you can do the math there. 2 x 3.75

    As for using more or less than recommended I've heard posts by growers saying they used more without adverse effects, but I'd just stick to their recommended dosage if I were you. You'd be messing with your PPMs that way and have to compensate by using less of other nutrients or something. Advanced Nutrients knows their shit, I'd just follow their dosage.
  3. 8ml per gallon weeks 1-6 of bloom phase.

  4. Honestly, the first thing you could do before you go to any boards is read the damn bottle. That will help you fix most of the problems you encounter.

    Yikes. Nutrient companies spend millions of dollars checking out what dosages will work best.

    Now, trial and error has taught me that I need to use less nutrients than teh bottle says, but that's because I don't grow in perfect conditions like the companies do.

    read the bottle, do less than they say to be safe, add more the next time to see what happens, adjust as needed.

    Trial and error, folks....and common sense...

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